1964-66 The Beginnings

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Nov. 10, 1947:  Glen Buxton born Akron, Ohio

64 i

1947-1960 – Glen and his family lived on Davies Avenue in Akron, Ohio. Glen has an older brother, Ken, and a younger sister, Janice.


Glen, behind bars, at about 2 or 3 in Akron.


Janice and Glen in Akron


Buxton house on Davies Ave


Cowboy Ken and Cowboy Glen


Ken, Janice, and Glen

florida mid 50s

Florida vacation – mid 50s. Glen with sailor hat. Photo by Jerry Buxton

56 akron

1956 in backyard

1960 Akron

64early about 12

Glen around 12, a year or so before coming to Arizona. Photo by Tom Buxton


1958 – Akron driveway. Photo by Ken Buxton

Feb 1961 – The Buxton’s move to Phoenix area from Akron, Ohio. They live in Phoenix while their home is built. Glen’s dad, Tom, works at Goodyear Aerospace in Buckeye, mom, Jerry, takes care of kids at home. Glen finishes his 8th grade year in May…. then heads to Cortez High School

Summer 1961 – The Buxtons move to 39th Ave and Orangewood in Phoenix, AZ


Fall 1961. Dennis Dunaway and Glen start school at the almost new Cortez High School in Phoenix. Vince Furnier would enter the next fall. Neal Smith was starting high school in 1961 at Camelback High and Michael Bruce at North High School in Phoenix.
Recent pictures of Cortez High. Dunlap Road and 32nd Ave, Glendale, AZ


Fall `63. Vince Furnier and Glen start working on the Cortez Tip Sheet. Glen is the photographer; Vince has his own column called “Get Out Of My Hair” which he writes under the name of ‘Muscles McNasel’. The two later would become close friends.

Glen continues learning the guitar, something he started in Akron



Glen traded this Gibson ES, above, for a Gretsh Chet Atkins (Country Tennessean) – below.


Glen was asked by Dennis Dunaway and fellow trackman Vince Furnier to join them to form a “band” to perform at the Lettermen Talent Show, where they would lip-synch Beatle tunes. This would lead to the three of them (along with John Tatum and John Speer) forming an actual band called the Earwigs.


Spring 1964. Lettermen Talent Show, Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ. “Earwigs to Eternity”.

68 lettermen1 - CopyAt this first show, the Earwigs featured Vince, Glen, Dennis and John Tatum along with a ‘drummer’, Phil Wheeler.   Glen and John played their guitars, Dennis and Vince, and Phil (who had some lessons) played his one drum. By all accounts they were awful…basically lip-synching to Beatle tunes. After the show, Phil left, to be replaced by John Speer.
Various band names were considered including “Husky Babies Sandwich” and “Joe Banana and The Bunch (The band with a-peal)”
(John Tatum interview) “Yes, I was absolutely with them from day one   Buxton and I had been jamming in his garage for a while, and we were both plugged in to his amplifier. He actually originally spoke to Vince and Dennis about getting together for the talent show (Letterman’s Club). The exact lineup for the talent show included another drummer (Phil something?? ) he was a great drummer, but opted to not continue with the group, then we got Speer.



Earwig band practice

October 16, 1964– Cortez High Paper states that the Earwigs were playing shows during lunch hours at school. Paper also says the band will be playing at the upcoming  “Pit and The Pendulum” dance on October 23rd. [see article below] Glen Burton?????

64 oct cortez
Oct 23, 1964 – The Earwigs performed at the  “Pit And The Pendulum”  Dance, Cortez High, Phoenix, AZ

Photo from Glen’s school yearbook, showing him performing at the Pit n’ Pendulum Dance in the fall of 1964. (Earwigs)

[Picture below] Earwigs practicing on the Buxton’s back porch. Vince and Dennis on the left….Glen and John Tatum on the right. It is hard to see, but Dennis has his Airline (Montgomery Ward) bass that he bought with summer money he earned on his uncle’s farm – and that Glen helped him pick out


64 oct 24 pnx az repub

Oct 24, 1964. Phoenix Republic. Courtesy of Ron Haholy


Glen and Vince of the EARWIGS!!!! Hey!, who gave Vince that guitar?

Late 1964. John Tatum, Dennis, and glen performing in Ms Axelrod’s science class at Cortez High. Come on girls…REACT!!! Glen has a Gibson in this photo.

November 7 1964 – Phoenix, AZ – Newspaper article in Phoenix paper: “A Bunny Hop will be held by the St. Vincent de Paul’s Men’s and Women’s Council from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, in the Ukranian Hall, 43rd Avenue and Clarendon.
Music for dancing will be provided by Louie Henderson’s Band. There will be entertainment by the Earwigs and by the Fair Ladies.
Thank You – Patrick Brzezinski

64 nov ukranian hall

Ukrainian Hall

64 oct 23 phoenix az repub


– A paying gig at The Dunes Lounge. Probably early 1965. The Dunes Lounge [Dunlap and 35th Ave] – it is still standing and in business, not far from Cortez High.

2015 dunes

2015. Bob Davison holding Dennis Dunaway’s book in front of the Dunes Lounge.

65 dunes

I guess the Dunes Lounge had more to offer to their patrons in early 1965 than a one night performance from a local Cortez High band (The Earwigs). I found this article in the Arizona Republic from January, 1965 about some gambling on pinball machines????

Click to enlarge

The Earwigs also get to perform on the TV show “It’s Wallace” (which was latter called Wallace and Ladmo). Also on the show was Wayne Newton. They will play the show again – as The Spiders.
“I remember Glen and the band all sitting around and talking about themselves, and how they happened upon the name “The Earwigs”…which cracked up “Wallace”.Vince did most of the talking and explained to the TV audience “EXACTLY” what a earwig was and looked like etc…to more chuckles “
(Rob, co-founder of the Wallace and Ladmo club, May 2002)

[Forficula auricularia] Earwig

[Forficula auricularia]    Earwig

The Earwigs on “It’s Wallace” show on KPHO…… photo taken off studio TV monitor.

Earwigs on Wallace and Ladmo studio monitor

The man at front left is Pat McMahon, one of the show’s hosts. L-R: Glen, John S, Vince, Dennis.



Photos from Wallace and Ladmo TV show

spider56565  Business Card

spiders 66996

The band usually performed in bright yellowish gold jackets with black turtle neck sweaters.

65 reverse


Glen…meditating in class at Cortez. 1964-5


Early 1965 – Lisa Hawks’ Sweet Sixteen Party, Phoenix, AZ – An early paying gig?

Jan 26, 1965 – Earwigs arrive for a talent show at Washington Grade School but got the date wrong. They were TWO WEEKS early!
      In an interview from `67, Dennis says they turned up for a gig two weeks early and set up their gear during someone’s Little League meeting.
Feb 9, 1965 – Talent show at Washington Grad School. [finally]

Maybe??? Mar 30. 1965  – Talent show at Janice Buxton’s school, Palo Verde Elementary? Were the Earwigs not allowed to play?

April 30, 1965 – Sears  Talent Competition. The Earwigs came in first. Took place at Christown Mall in Phoenix.

65earwig sears christon Battle of bands

Trophy for First Place – Battle of Bands. Sears…Christown Mall. (Thank you Dennis Dunaway)

66christown earwigs

Glen and John Tatum tune up

spider26 christown

The Earwigs at Christown Mall.


Christown Mall….showing location where Battle of the Bands took place.


May 7, 1965 – The Earwigs come in second at the, ‘Second Annual Lettermen’s Club Talent Show’ at Cortez High.


The band was playing for real now – came in 2nd  (photo by John Scott Ward?)


Spring of 1965 – Glen (and Dennis Dunaway) graduate from Cortez High School. [Sure don’t look like a ‘rocker’, do he? Well, a little like Buddy Holly???]


65 yearbook

Yearbook page about the Earwigs.

69 cortez

Aerial view of Cortez High School – 1969. A few years after GB, DD, and Vince graduated.

Jun 1, 1965 – Village Inn Pizza (below) – in Phoenix. Located at Bethany Road near I-17. (Village Inn is gone, today). DD: ”We were still the Earwigs at the time. “

65 village inn 2

Village Inn Pizza Parlor on Bethany Home Road and Black Canyon Freeway. Early 1960s?

65 village inn

Newspaper add for Village Inn Pizza. Thanks Ron Haholy

spider14Pizza place earwigs

Beer kegs and benches for a stage

“They had a gig playing for four hours in a pizza parlor for all the pizza they could eat, only to end up with one small pizza to share.”

In June of 1965, Glen swapped his Chet Atkins ES (Country Gentleman) for a Gretsch Tennessean…a less bulky model. Below is the sales slip from Arizona Music Center for the sale. Glen would use this guitar, going forth, as part of “The Spiders”.

65 june

Around September ’65 they changed their name to ‘The Spiders’ – Vince Furnier, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, John Speer, John Tatum

68 cowboyAbove: An early Spider’s performance. Hope they brushed up on some Country-Western tunes…by the look of some in the crowd.


Another photo of same show (High School dance?) Both photos taken by Tom Buxton

September 1965. “We had auditioned for Jack Curtis (Phoenix promoter) and we thought he didn’t like us after many weeks went by, but later I went back to the teen club and spoke to him and he said he was looking everywhere for us, and that he wanted to hire us. He was the person that changed the name to “The Spiders”, and he set up the first concerts. We even played the first concert at the opening of the Coliseum in Phoenix. I was actually sharing the same guitar amp with Glen Buxton and Jack bought me my first guitar amp and my first car, a 56 Chevy.”
(John Tatum, January 2008)


Buxton’s back porch. John Speer on drums. Glen to the left. Neighborhood boys look on. NOTE: Spiders drumhead

Top: Tatum and Buxton practice on Buxton’s back porch. Vince getting ready to do some singing on back porch. Sometimes the band practiced in the Buxton’s garage – but it got hot in there (AZ heat is a dry heat…but it is still HEAT) ”Photos by Janice Buxton Davison”


Jack Curtis says he recommended the name change to the band – Spiders being more commercial; (Jack Curtis below)

Jack Curtis

September, 1965: VIP Club, 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ – Jack Curtis owned the VIP. He paid the band about $500 a weekend. The Spiders use to perform behind (or in front of) a spiders’ web. The VIP club, which was part of the Phoenix Jaycees Bldg, was located on 7th Street near Indian School Road. (The building was torn down early in 2016.)

68 stage7

Jack Curtis , standing by the Stage 7 door….soon to become the VIP Club


VIP sign on 7th Street

66 vip

VIP – around 2012

2015 VIP

2015. Glen’s sister, Janice Buxton-Davison holds Dennis Dunaway’s new book in front of the now empty building that once housed the VIP.

(John Tatum VIP memory): “I remember that we had to go get Jeff Beck a Vox Superbeatle amp, and he actually kicked out the bottom speaker (right through the grill covering) and put the mic down on that speaker. We were blown away when he did that.”(John Tatum, February 2008)


John Tatum…post Spiders


Yes…..REAL Go-Go Dancers!

spider4Screenshot_1 Performing at the VIP, behind the famous ‘spiderweb’. Glen, John T, Vince, Dennis, John S on drums

Snack bar at VIP…L-R: John Speer, John Tatum, Vince, Glen, and Dennis (holding condiments)


65vip dancing

‘Dancin’ Fools’ at the VIP


At the VIP (perhaps supporting the BYRDS?)


Goofing around. L-R: Vince, John Speer, John Tatum, Glen. Dennis probably took photo.

September 1965 -`Why Don`t You Love Me` (by the Mersey Beats)/`Hitchhike (by Marvin Gaye)` single released on Mascott Records. As Vince said later: “You can’t get much cooler than being in your car with a girl, and the radio starts playing your band’s song.”

November 30, 1965 – Phoenix. Glen and Dennis attend the Rolling Stone’s concert. Dennis explains:

65 whydont

December 11, 1965 – Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona

John Tatum, John Speer, and Glen at the Phoenix Art Museum’s “Teen Day”

“Next Saturday will be Teen-Age Day at the Phoenix Art Museum, as rock ‘n’ roll, pop art and the Beatle set will take over the newly reopened museum at 1625 N. Central. (see article below)

Thank you – Patrick Brzezinski

64dec 4, arizona rep

December 17, 1965 – Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Phoenix, Az. Spiders open for The Byrds. The Spiders would also open for the Byrds at the VIP and at a show in Tucson at the Sunst Bowlerama.  Jack Curtis probably played a part in getting these gigs. The Byrds were at the peak of their popularity in late 1965, debuting the 3rd album ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ in December.

The Byrds – 1965

         65 dec 17 65c8c316a7b30c40677b3091a9c5329939be0824f1.jpg-590x1000

Glen gets a new amp at Arizoan Music Center. Christmas Gift?

65 dec

1965 – Other shows…..at The Red Dog Au Go Go in Scottsdale and the Merriweather Estate in Paradise Valley, AZ
Merriweather Estate. ( Rancho Joaquina House) below


The Red Dog (below) outside and inside in the mid-60s.          [Inside photo courtesy of William Bird.]

65red dog 65reddog inside


2014 photo. The former Red Dog Saloon. Has had several tenants over the years. It is currently empty and slated for demolition.

Note: The Red Dog Saloon (located on Scottsdale Road) closed in 1975. It still stands but has gone through many changes in structure and ownership.  The Merriweather House is still standing…although much of its surrounding land has been turned into subdivisions.



Inside the VIP


65 – behind the VIP for a smoke.


Glen’s 18th birthday….at his parent’s house in Phoenix, AZ November 10, 1965. Vince in black shirt, Dennis on far right.


Jan 15, 1966 – Phoenix Star Theatre, Phoenix, AZ – Band appeared in Jan Murray’s road show of Bye Bye Birdie. Spiders provided music, and played the Birdie Band, having rehearsed for three weeks before the show. Phoenix Star Theater, (now called the ‘Celebrity Theater’) is located at 440 N 32nd St. in Phoenix. (The Celebrity Theater saw Alice, Neal, Michael and Dennis reunite for a benefit show in Dec of 2019)


Above…..L-R: Glen, Dennis, John S, John T, Vince



Glen and sister janice on the Buxton back porch. Probably 1966. (No – guitar was not purple, but reddish brown.)



Dennis, John T, Glen, assorted props


Glen with Gretsch


DD and GB behind the famous web

April 30 1966Tucson. The Monterey Club on Speedway Blvd. (w/ Hollies)

Wrong “Spiders” band shown in article. Those were the Japanese ‘Spiders’ in the picture.

Summer 1966Tatum leaves, Michael Bruce arrives (from The Wildflowers), being the only applicant to an advertisement. (And because he had a van!).

(John Tatum, January 2008) “I later quit the band to join with Bill Spooner who later founded the “Tubes”, and Michael Bruce was the rhythm guitar player for Bill. Bill replaced Michael Bruce with me, and Michael then joined the “Spiders” who later became ‘Alice Cooper’.”


The rough days – only one groupie

(Michael Bruce, 2011)“”John Tatum was out, and these friends of mine, Joel and Mark Rumerfield said, “Hey, they’re auditioning guitar players why don’t you go down?” So, I drove down there, and I had this Willies jeep, got up there and did everything like The Yardbirds’ rave ups and all that stuff. I was a good rhythm guitar player but, I had this VAN that I could carry gear in, and guess what? I was in the band but they never really said, “You’re in the band,” they just said, “We’ve got a gig, come get the gear.” So, that’s how it started.””

65 wildflowers

1965 Michael Bruce with Wildflower….before he joined the Spiders, replacing John Tatum.


(Above) Spiders at the Arizona Music Center on Glendale Ave (Publicity shot). Band spent a lot of time here. Glen bought is first guitar at this store. There was a music store at this location, under various names, for many years. It is now vacant. Old address was 4744 W. Glendale Ave.

60 ballot

A newspaper ballot to select the most popular band in the Valley. (Notice the Trolls – an MB band).

Mid 1966: Spiders are still playing covers. Some of the songs played in the early years included ‘Lil’ Red Rooster’ ( Glen plays slide guitar), ‘Love that Dirty Water’, ‘ Hey Mona!’, ‘ Midnight Hour’, ‘Louie Louie’, ‘Route 66’, ‘Stormy Monday’, ’19th Nervous Breakdown’, ‘I’m a Man’, ‘Smokestack Lightning’, ‘As Tears Go By’, ‘I’m Leaving’ and ‘Love Potion Number 9’….oddly, perhaps, they also covered a Rascals tune – ‘Baby Let’s Wait’.


June 16, 1966 – The VIP – Phoenix

June 16, 1966 VIP (Phoenix) John Tatum on the right with


Summer 1966 – Vince graduates from Cortez High, a year after Glen and Dennis.


Early Spiders..at the VIP


Dennis Dunaway – bass

The Spiders are now – Furnier, Speer, Buxton, Dunaway, Bruce

July 9, 1966 –  Yuma, AZ – Yuma High School
“Last Saturday there was dance with a live band from Phoenix, “The Spiders.” – Yuma Daily Sun, July 10
Thank You – Patrick Brzezinski

Summer 1966 – ‘Don`t Blow Your Mind/No Price Tag’ is recorded in Tucson at Copper State Recording Studio. Released in the fall.


“The Spiders, local college students well known to the Valley, have just released their second single, “Don’t Blow Your Mind” after a recording session in Tucson. Recall they’re the group that appeared in the Phoenix Star Theatre production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” last spring with Jan Murray.” (Arizona Republic, October 23rd 1966)

August 11, 1966???? – Tucson, AZ. The band opened for The Animals and the Young Rascals. The event was held in in an empty department store on E. Speedway in Tucson. Picture of the crowd below….

66 aug 11, tucson

Cops holding back Tucson teen girls as they get their first look at Glen “Fabian” Buxton.

August 21, 1966  – Tucson, AZ,  at ‘Thrift City’ (Possible show date supporting The Yardbirds). Were they in town to record their record? Thrift City later called the Tucson VIP.


John Speer and Glen during a trip to Tucson.

1966tucson KFIFAbove. Tucson article about the band

Aug 26, 1966 – The AZ Republic has an article about the “Star Spangled Parachute Test’ which featured “The Spyders, a Phoenix Band”. No mention of where this took place.

Aug 27, 1966 – National Guard Armory. McDowell and 52 St, Phoenix.

An early “band-mobile” Owned by AmpBoy, Michael Allen

September, 1966In an OBVIOUSLY rigged vote, the Spiders came in 7th in a vote held by a Phoenix paper – for the “Craziest Combo”

66 sept az rep

  September 1966 – Don`t Blow Your Mind/No Price Tag (Santa Cruz SCR 10.003) released. Recorded in Tucson

”Recording wasn’t an easy chore for us. We had no idea of what we were doing. There wasn’t even a producer around, just us and the engineer. See we played our parts in unison and came up with a version of the song that sounded like we were all stuffed into a phone booth”.
Jack Curtis got them to play it on KFIF in Tucson and the station received hundreds of phone calls requesting the song, most of them placed long distance from Phoenix by our families. The first time I heard myself on the radio I was washing my car in the driveway of our house. I couldn’t believe it was me. It was familiar but foreign, like meeting a twin. After the first adrenaline rush I got very nonplussed about it. Whenever the song would play on the radio I’d switch to another station as if I hadn’t heard it. “Don’t Blow Your Mind” became the number three song on the KFIF play list. [ from: Me, Alice]

September 2, 1966 – Casa Grande, AZ – National Guard Armory (w/The p-Nut Butters and Jerry Wallace) Thanks again Patrick Brzezinski 🙂

66 casa grande

September 1966 – At Glendale CC they met Mike ‘AmpBoy’ Allen, who roadied for the band for the next four years, Dick Christian, who became their unofficial manager, and Charlie Carnel, also a Cortez alum who would do the lights for the next five years and actual become an equal member of the band with an equal share of money.

66 campusLeft: Photo of GB on campus of Glendale Community College. He is second from left. John Speer could be to his right and Mike Allen to his left. Right: Drawing by Vince, who was still at Cortez High.

Oct 9, 1966 – CYO Dance – Catholic Church somewhere in Phoenix. Very few kids in attendance.

Oct 14-15 – VIP in Phoenix

Fall or Winter 66 or 67 – The Fifth Estate – located on Scottsdale Rd and Curry Rd in Tempe. Not far from the far more well known JD’s. The band played this venue several times although the place was only opened for little more than a year.

buxton 19430001

At the Fifth Estate. Drummer John Speer at far left. Glen?

Fall of 1966 – The Lunchroom at Brophy College Prep School, 4701 N. Central Ave, Phx.

Band also had a show at Saguaro High School – date unknown.

66spiders where

1966 Spiders

66novpre-spiders north

Spiders – Fall of 1966 at local high school. Might be Brophy High School

Quote from Phoenix TV guide: “By November, 1966, Spiders had already opened for The Drifters, The Coasters, Dean of Jan And Dean, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Bobby Fuller, The Hollies, Beau Brummell’s, The Mamas and The Papas, Peter And Gordon and a statewide tour with the Byrds” [Most of the above shows were likely at the VIP club in Phoenix.]

Fall/Winter 1966 – Minus One Coffeehouse. 1021 East 6th Street in Tucson, AZ. Location is now the site of an office building. (Mentioned in Dennis’ book)

(Below)The Spiders – Encanto Park….Glen, Dennis, Vince, John, Michael This was one of a series of pictures taken at Encanto Park. Notice the bird in Glen’s hand…he/she became part of several of the pictures. Encanto Park is still a going concern in Phoenix. 2605 N 15th Ave south of Thomas Road.

spider3 (4)

Spiders/Nazz – Encanto Park in Phoenix


The Spiders at the VIP


Spiders at the VIP in Phoenix (7th Street and Indian School Road)

GB, John Speer, unknown girl, Vince, Mike Allen (Amp Boy), Dennis

Photos taken near Fort Huachuka, AZ. (Probably late 1966).

Band had a gig on base around this time.


Glen on roof, Vince below him, MB on left, Dennis on right. John Speer below vince. Girl? (She did take the band to her parent’s house and make them dinner)

Photo taken by Mike Allen

Band at the VIP. (note bed pan on John Speers’ head)

Photo below is courtesy of Dennis Dunaway

“John Speer and Dennis Dunaway at the VIP Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona circa 1966. Look at that drum head, John was a powerful drummer. He would have to change drum heads between sets.” – Dennis Dunaway


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