Dennis’ Story – 1968

Dennis Dunaway
AUGUST 3, 1968
Dr. Dreary’s Magnificent Time Machine is set to August 3, 1968. We’re nearing the end of our set and the festival promoter is screaming at us to stop playing and get off the stage.
He had good reason to be mad. We weren’t hired for the gig. We just showed up, and while the Alice Cooper group sat in the car, Joe and Shep went into promoter Tom Nieto’s office to talk him into letting us play. They failed to the point that Nieto had them thrown out. So we drove around to the backstage gate and told the security guard that we were on the bill. The guard said, I don’t see Alice Cooper on my list. Joe asked who was on the list. The guard said James Cotton Blues Band and Joe said, That’s us!