1973 – 1974 Top and Bottom



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Photo taken during the making of the ‘Elected’ video. First single from B$B album.

73 january, rolling stone

From the January, 1973 Rolling Stone Magazine

The Rolling Stone article that accompanied the above picture, was written during the European tour of 1972 by a Timothy Ferris. The article DID NOT mention any other member of the band, besides Alice. Only Shep Gordon and ”the snake” are given a  mention.


Feb 25, 1973 – Billion Dollar Babies album released.


Feb 1973 – The band in rehearsals at the mansion. Mick Mashbir is brought in to augment Glen. Bob Dolin plays keyboards.


Bob Dolin

Mick Mashbir

Mick Mashbir


Rockin’ Reggie Vincent, a friend of Glen’s, helped write B$B

Feb 26  – Alice poses for the Dali hologram- presumably in NY. Sadly, Dennis Dunaway, a fellow Dali devotee and avid  fan of surrealist art, is not invited to meet Dali.

Feb 27  – Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York (Dress rehearsal). Reportedly there was no audience

73feb rehearsal portchester

Capitol Theater in Port Chester


From photo session Feb 27. Taken at rehearsal for tour. (See Ron Frehman photo at bottom of this page…of shot that is familiar to many)

73 b$b

From 16 Magazine

March 1 – Memorial Auditorium, Kitchener, Ontario

73kma 1950 400 east street hockey

Kitchner Memorial Auditorium. Built 1950. Still standing

73 march1 ont


March 2 – London Arena, London, Ontario

73march london arena 1977

London Arena, just before it was torn down in 1977. Famous as being the stage where Johnny Cash proposed to June Carter -1968.

73march 2 london ont

Photo often used on handbills and ads for the B$B tour

Advertising poster used in 1973 B$B tour – not really fond of this shot. But it is self explanatory on several levels.

March 3 – Civic Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

73march ony

1973-03-01 Iowa Cherokee Daily Times [George Burns]

As the band begins to deteriorate, more and more photos of “just Alice” will be seen. He’ll be poising with ”safe” Hollywood celebrities such as George Burns – above. In the coming months you will see him in photos next to Groucho Marx, Fred Astaire, Liza Minelli, Jack Benny and other family acceptable stars. The image change was in full swing!

73 march ottawa

Sort of a negative review

March 4 – Hamilton, Ontario MacMaster University (Show cancelled due to doors being too small to get equipment in?)


 March 5 – War Memorial, Rochester, New York


Glen enjoying himself at an after show party in 1973.    Linda R. to the left and Sharon H. to the right.

March 6 – The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


March 9 – The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Rocking Reggie Vincent. Friend of Glen’s and the band. Helped write Billion Dollar Babies song and some others.

March10 – Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia (w/ Earth, Wind, and Fire)

GB and MB. Photo by Mick Mashbir


March 11 – William & Mary College Hall, Williamsburg, Virginia

73 poster

A picture of a poster that was commonly thrown into the crowd by Alice

March 15 – Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, Tennessee    CANCELLED
March 16 – Cumberland City Memorial Auditorium, Fayetteville, North Carolina

73 march fayetteville

73avedon B$B press kit

Photo by Avedon. From B$B Press Kit


Cumberland County Memorial Coliseum

March 17 – Clemson University, Clemons, South Carolina

March 18 – Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina

73 a

B$B Stage

March 20 – Coliseum, Jackson, Mississippi

73 lockheed electra L188

The Alice Cooper B#B plane used during the tour. A Lockheed Electra L188

March 21 – Auburn, Alabama      CANCELLED
March 22 – Savannah, Georgia    CANCELLED

March 23 – Omni, Atlanta, Georgia

73 poster

Amazing Randi. Inventor of guillotine

March 24 – Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, South Carolina

Photo by Hunter Desportes


Photos by Hunter Desportes

73 march 24

Photo by Hunter Desportes

March 26 – Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts

[After show party at the Bal-o-rue Roller Rink with Shitton playing.]

73boston march74march

73 april 23 boston paper

Description of Boston show. Click to enlarge


73 may 26


March 27 – Sports Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania

On this day – “No More Mr. Nice Guy” single is released

73 bdb

73 r

March 28 -Civic Center – Baltimore, Maryland


Photo by Richard Avedon

March 30 -Convention Center – Indianapolis, Indiana


Dennis and Cindy Dunaway today. Courtesy of the Dunaway Family


Cindy Smith Dunaway played ‘The Tooth’ during this tour. (young girl is Cindy’s cousin) Picture is courtesy of Cindy and Dennis Dunaway.March 28 – Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland

March 31 – Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio

73 stage

Find Ohio native, Cindy Dunaway Smith, performing as ‘The Tooth’, in this photo.

buxton 19430003

Glen in Cleveland March 31. His cousins Bud and Amy on on the bed to the left. Akron native Chrissie Hines was present as well.

73-03-13 Elyria Chronicle Telegram

73-04-02 Cleveland Plain Dealer

Review of Cleveland show in the ‘Cleveland Plain Dealer’

April 1 – Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio

73 c

Full band and the Tooth-Lady to the left.

April 2 – Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky


73 b$b 73

Somewhere on the 73 tour

April 5– Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan

73 april 5 after cobo show band party - fakegold for BDB

73 april cobo

Band party after Cobo Hall gig. Band was presented with awards for platinum album (BDB). Thanks to Ron Domilici and Steven Crayn

73gb ezrin april detroit

Glen and Bob Ezrin at same party

April 6 – Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


73 april pitts

Review of Pittsburgh show in Pittsburgh Gazette.



April 7 – Memorial Coliseum/also called Convention Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana

72dd photo

Sitting and waiting – somewhere, sometime.

April 9 – Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois
April 10 – Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois

Circus Magazine:  Oct,  1974. – Neal Smith Interview: One night, in the middle of the first number, “Hello Hurray,” at the Chicago Amphitheater, when Neal felt the penetration of a sharp object into his white satin covered back as he hammered out the strong beats of the opening number, he realized that whoever had tossed the projectile at him had done it intentionally. “I called over Goose, one of my guys from Detroit who sets up my drums, and I said, ‘Check my back.’ He did and noticed it was bleeding. Finally, he looked down on the ground and saw a dart!”

April 12 – Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, Nebraska

April13 – Municipal Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri


The Amazing Randi. Served as Executioner. Designed Guillotine

April 14 – Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee

April 15 – Allen Field House, Lawrence, Kansas City, Missouri

73april kansas

April 20 – 21 – Pirates World, Dania, Florida

“We were on stage at Pirate’s World in Miami (sic), Florida. After 4 days off, somehow my bass neck didn’t feel as familiar and so the show somehow felt fresher. Some jerk tossed a one foot baby Boa Constrictor onto Michael’s side of the stage. I ran over and guarded it till the song was over then I caught it and handed it to Andy Mills. After the show, the jerk wanted it back but Cindy and I decided he didn’t deserve a pet and so we named it Angel and kept it.”
[Dennis Dunaway, April 2012]


73april20pirate clemens sc
April 22 – Veterans Memorial, Jacksonville, Florida

73 b$b mark sheppard 2

B$B Tour. Alice and Glen. Photo by Mark Sheppard

April 25 – Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama


Band on stage during B$B tour

April 26 – Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana

Cream Magazine reports that after a meeting at the hotel, the band and Shep decide that once the tour is over, everyone will take a year off.

April 27 – Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, Shreveport, Louisiana

73 glen, mark volman, alice photo by wolfgang heilemann

Alice at right. GB and Mark Volman and MB? on left.

April 28 – Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas

73 texas spring

73 starship

Glen and Alice playing poker- again .

April 29 – Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas

Live footage filmed here for ”Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper”.

73 movie

Glen during the making of “Good to See You Again, Alice Cooper” 1973

73 texas good to see you again

Texas…’Good to See You Again…..’ set photo

Circus Magazine  Oct, 1973: Neal Smith Interview:
When the band’s Lear Jet swooped down into the Houston airport for a concert appearance that night, Alice, Michael, Neal, Glen and Dennis were hustled into a waiting Brinks armored truck for the ride to the hotel. Suddenly, the quintet was astonished to hear the thundering of horses hooves and the whooping of what sounded like a band of cowboys. Almost immediately, the door of the truck was yanked open, and a tall lean Texan with a ten gallon hat and smoking six-gun poked his bronze face into the dark truck. “You guys the Billion Dollar Babies?’ he drawled. “No, not us, somebody else,” mumbled the frightened captives. The cowboys pulled the five quaking long-hairs from the truck, forced them to put their hands up against the side of the truck, and proceeded to strip them of their jewelry, money, and expensive clothing. One cowboy held a gun to the truck driver’s head. Another shot the second driver and he fell with a thud to the ground. Suddenly, a blast of familiar music materialized from thin air and a white horse came galloping towards the small band of superstars. The Lone Ranger, garbed grandly in white, sat perched astride the beautiful stallion. “He must have had twenty shots in one gun,” recalls Neal, “because he shot all the cowboys. Everyone was sprawled on the ground immediately the band realized the entire event had been a specially staged act for their enjoyment— and that everything was being filmed by the Hollywood film crew – flown out to capture them on celluloid. Eight cameras were pointed at them from various hiding spots.

73 oct

Theater guide in local Detroit theater announcing the showing of GTSYAAC, October 18

Bootleg tapes circulating, marked Corpus Christi 30th April `73 are in fact this Houston show.

73Alice_cooper_-_good_to_see_you_againShot from movie (Thanks Ingo)

May 1 – Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

L-R: Amazing Randi, Glen, Michael

A nice mention of the Original Band

73 j
May 2 – Tulsa Assembly Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

73 zz

Photo Bill Fogtman

May 3 – Will Rodgers Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas

May 4– University Of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

73 mashbir

Mick Mashbir

May 5 – Tucson Community Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona

1973-04-28 Tucson Daily Citizen [Show Advert]73tucson paperbuxton 4-19

Post show photos

GB and girlfriend Denise in Tucson.


May 10 – Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles, California

LA Forum


Courtesy of Brian Nelson

73 a

GB in LA?

73 la forum gb

73 la forum

Press conference in LA

May 11 – Los Angles Forum, Los Angeles, California

73 james fortune may

GB using poster to ”play” guitar as Alice tosses them to crowd.

73 b

A blurry Glen – LA?

73 la forum

Amazing Randi…leaves with prize.

1973 Glen and Pamela Zarubica. (Suzy Creamcheese (II) of Zappa fame).Bevery Hilton Hotel, LA. Photo Monica Lauer.


May 12– Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, California

73 may1273-05-06 San Bernardino County Sun

May 13 – Sports Arena, San Diego, California

73 f

Somewhere on the B$B tour

May 15– Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas


May 16 – Henry Levitt Arena/Fieldhouse,  Wichita, Kansas

Bob Gruen photo of GB – 1973

May 17– Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado

73 denver

The band in Denver

May 18 – Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado

73 flight

A blurry photo of GB and Alice somewhere on the B$B tour in 1973

May 19 – Salt Lake Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah
May 20 – Las Vegas, Nevada      (Perhaps Cancelled?)

May 23 – Butte, MT, Butte Civic Center. (Someone’s Imagination)

73 may 23 butte
May 24 – Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon


May 25 – Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington

73Alice Cooper Billion Bill

CD Holder
May 26 – Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

73 s

73 vancouver

Review of Vancouver show

Vancouver Show. Thank you Mark Gordon

May 30 – Metro Sports Arena, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Michael Bruce 1973

May 31  – Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

73 june

73 h

June 1 – Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio    CANCELLED
June 2 – Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts    CANCELLED
June 3 – Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

73 june

73june chuck pulin

June 1973 Photo by Chuck Pulin


MSG – June 3

A blurry photo of the band supposedly coming on stage at Madison Square Garden in NYC

June 1973 Creem Magazine. Thank you – Herve Thomas.

June 5 – Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York

73 end

Tough work – if you can get it


73 B$B cindyL, nancy

L-R: Cindy Lang, Glen, Nancy B. (friend of Cindy’s)

 June 7 – Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island (Flo/Eddie)

73bdb blurry

A very prophetic and symbolic photo for what was to come. Photo by Ron Frehman. Taken Feb 27, 1973

74 jume7

Ad in Spokane, WA paper for movie. June 26, 1974

[Joey Greenberg and Charlie Carnel leave the organization at the end of the tour]

73oct Alice In JapanAlice (only) arrived in Japan on October 19 to announce the simultaneous worldwide release of his forthcoming LP “Muscle Of Love”. He was greeted by an airport reception of close to 5,000 fans who tore at his hair and clothes, before one particularly loyal fan presented Alice with a nine-foot boa constrictor named “Moische, Moische” which means “Hello, Hello”.
Two hundred journalists gathered at the Akasaka Prince Hotel the next day for the largest press conference ever held for an entertaining personality in Tokyo. During the conference Alice received as a present several Geisha girls who attended him for the entirety of his five-day stay in Japan. The Geishas performed such tasks as peeling grapes and feeding them on toothpicks to the Muscleman of Love and entertaining him with little stories and dances which are supposed to make the listener mellow and ready for an evening’s pleasure.

Alice Cooper is no longer a band in most people’s mind, the emphasis has shifted totally to the front man.

Band receives Canadian music awards in Toronto. September 22

Neal Smith of the Alice Cooper Band with his cat posing in Greenwich, CT. 1973. © Bob Gruen/www.bobgruen.com


Billion Dollar Babies Holiday Tour (MOL)


Bob Gruen Photo


Top – Band in front of the ‘Pink Pussy Cat’ on Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood. Below….a photo of the Pink Pussy Cat from 1967. The building still is there, its last use was as a 1920-style restaurant.

  December 8, 1973 – Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee. (w/Stories)

th73 dec 8
Dec 9, 1973 – Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina (w/ ZZ Top). Opening in 1959, the arena was once one of the largest venues in the South, with a seating capacity of over 23,000.

Somewhere on the Holiday tour

73greensboro dec
Dec 11, 1973 – Dane County Memorial Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin. With ZZ Top. Today it is a part of a multi-venue complex featuring three unique and versatile venues including Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Exhibition Hall, and Willow Island.

73-11-04 Madison State Journal

73danecnty dec73danecounty dec

73 zztopZZ Top – 1973

Media presentation by mayor of Madison. Picture used in April 1974 edition of Circus Magazine. (Alice is being presented with a gold can opener)

Dec 12, 1973 – Crisler Areana,  Ann Arbor, Mi. (w/ZZ Top). Built in 1967, this has been the home of the University of Michigan Men and Womens basketball since that time. Named for famous UM football coach “Fritz” Crisler.


ann arbor dean henry

Photo by Dean Henry

73 ann arbor dec

Dec 13 – Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio — Firecracker incident

The Toledo Sports Arena was a 5,230-seat multi-purpose arena, at 1 Main Street, Toledo, Ohio. It was built in 1947 and razed in 2007.


73 toledo


Toledo “RIOT”

Rolling Stone – 31st January 1974

        Alice Bombed in Toledo
Toledo – Pelted by fireworks and debris, Alice Cooper recently walked off their “Holiday Show” at the Toledo Sports Arena. According to Ashley Pandel, Cooper’s publicist, “Alice felt if they continued, there could be another Altamont.”
Guitarist Michael Bruce was reportedly cut on the face after fireworks thrown from the audience shattered an overhead light bar. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where a particle of metal was removed from an eye. He suffered no serious injuries.

Alice and the rest of the band left the arena shortly after their walk off. During a half-hour wait – while the audience lingered, waiting for resumption of the show – seven carloads of police were summoned to join 20 off-duty cops at the auditorium to control the near sell-out crowd of 8,000.

“Security at the concert was nonexistent,” charged James Randi, who plays the executioner in the band’s “I Love Dead Things” (sic) act. “There was only a two-foot barrier to separate the crowd from the stage.”

Trouble began to develop even before Cooper appeared. Fireworks, including Roman candles, were set off during Z.Z. Top’s opening set. Then, according to Mark Scheerer, newsman at WIOT-FM Toledo, “Alice got the first bars of ‘Hello Hooray’ out and got hit in the chest with either an egg or vegetables. He did a mock stagger and went on. Then people started throwing a variety of missiles at a fairly steady pace. Alice did the second number, ‘Billion Dollar Babies,’ and the lights went down. Alice told the people, ‘We came to play, and we don’t appreciate being targets.'”

A cherry bomb, as Scheerer described it – arena manger Gerald Francis said it was an M-80, equal in power to one-eighth of a stick of dynamite – went off, shattered the light, and Bruce was hit and led offstage. Alice then decided to cancel, Pandel said, “before someone got killed.”

The band – and most witnesses – were unable to explain the violence. Pandel said the crowd seemed more “bewildered” than angry at anything. A crush of people directly in front of the stage, he said, began pushing forward, shoving matches began “and then things were being thrown.” Scheerer said Toledo rock fans had no history of violence. “It was just a handful of malcontents. I think they just felt it was obligatory. You know, to match his violence.”

Pandel disagreed. “Alice is only trying to relieve tension in kids. When they leave an Alice Cooper show, they sure won’t get into violence. They’ve seen it already.”

Ironically enough, the night before in Ann Arbor, Dennis Dunaway said before the concert, “We get off more on a Detroit-type crowd – crowds that physically get into a concert.”

After an hour’s wait, the crowd was finally dispersed, according to police. No arrests or refunds were made.

Dec 14 – Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario Canada


73 dec 73 dec13


Bob Greene as Santa

Dec 15 – Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, New York

73 mol a

73-12-15 Billboard TL Advert

Dec 16 – The Scope, Norfolk, New York

MB and Glen on plane. Photo by Wolfgang Heilemann




73 mol

Photo from Teenage Lament single

Building in 2019.



Dec 19 – Capital Center, Landover, Maryland

73 maryland

Dec 22 – Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida   Cancelled?
Dec 26 – New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut

73dec26 joe sia

Photo by Joe Sia (Dec 26, 1973)

73 oldgreenwich new haven

Photo supplied by Dennis and Cindy Dunaway. The cT area was hit by an ice storm on the 25-26 of 1973. This is a picture of the house Dennis and cindy shared with Neal and Babette in nearby Old Greenwich


73 newhaven,ct colliseeum 1998

New Haven Coliseum around 1998. It was closed in 2002 and imploded a few year later. It was know as the home arena for WWE wrestling.


Dec 27 – Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec Canada

73dec27 montreal

Glen, Dennis, Mike, Mick Mashbir. Dec 27 in Montreal

Dec 29 – Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, New York

73 xmas

Band “greats” Santa on stage. (Thanks Karen Eager)

December 31 – Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York [Original band’s last show on U.S. soil]

73 dec31


Buffalo Memorial Auditorium in the 70’s

73buffalo 73buftikdec


Alice and Glen watching TV on a plane…December of 1973. TV show is….?


Some MOL photos

73 mol - Copy 73 mp; 3

73 la mashbir 2nd from rt

Mick Mashbir – second from right

73 mol 2 - Copy



March 30, 1974 – Anhembi Parque, Sao Paulo, Brazil — 150,000 attendance

1974-03-30 Brazil show advert

Announcement of the bands shows in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Anhembi Parque – modern view


Sao Paulo

Anhembi Parque in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With its 400,000 square meters of indoor space and 93,000 square meters of outdoor space, the center is one of the largest event grounds in Latin America. The center is home to 20 large annual fairs, each drawing in 50,000 visitors, and hosts the annual Carnival of São Paulo. It opened in 1970.


Sao Paulo. Circus Magazine said 150.000 attended

74brazil sao

March 30, 74 Sao Paulo, Brazil


Crowd near stage

Photo courtesy of Brazil fan Dinho Lopes who actually lives in São Paulo where this shot was taken, at one of the three shows the band played in the city on March 30th, April 1st and April 3rd 1974. (Thank you Steven Crayn)

Another photo of the crowd in Sao Paulo. This is on the outside.

April 2, 1974 – Teatro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Opened in 1911 and fully restored in time for its centennial, São Paulo’s Municipal Theater (Teatro Municipal) is one of the city’s top architectural treasures and cultural attractions.

74 sao paulo

Sao Paulo


Teatro Municipal de Dao Paulo. Today


!974 Teatro in Sao Paulo. Interior

74Cindy & Me Brazil

Dennis and Cindy in Brazil

74 teatro

Aerial view of the Teatro in Sao Paulo


Older photo of Teatro




Two pictures from Brazilian magazine



April 5, 1974 – Canecao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Opened in 1967. Recently closed as city decided if the building should be renovated or demolished.

74 circus magazine

Press conference in Brazil. 1974. Circus Magazine

74 s.amerca

April 6, 1974 – Maracanazinho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Maracanãzinho Gymnasium (Portuguese:Ginásio do Maracanãzinho), sometimes called just Maracanãzinho (“Little Maracanã” or “Mini Maracanã). Its formal name, Ginásio Gilberto Cardoso, honors a former president. The capacity of the arena is 12,600. It was opened in 1954. It stands next to the Maracanã Stadium


Maracanazinho – aerial view. Rio

74 april rio

Dennis in Rio – April 6, 1974

April 6, 1974 was the Final Show of Original Band

May 1974 – ”Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper” opens but is then re-edited and released again in the fall.

GB – 1974

Glen at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA. Glen often stayed there when in LA. Photo from David Cluett.

74sunset blvd

Billboard on Sunset Blvd in LA in 1974. Thank you Steven Crayn

74-08-31 GH


Part of inside picture in Greatest Hits album. By Dale Struzan

73greatest hits newspaper. Roswell, Libert, Volz

Photo used in Greatest Hits “Newspaper” (WB). In the background are important behind the scene gentlemen, Mike Roswell, Dave Libert, and Ron Volz. (Dave was tour manager, Ron and Mike ”roadies+”


To read a short summary and an article about the break up of the band – please go to this page on the website.




73bdb blurry

The axe is finally dropped!

xac 11