This is an informational website…no profit is being made and nothing is for sale. The purpose I to give a history of events in the life of Glen Buxton – along with pictures and information that may have past his way. Of course a lot of Glen’s history occurred with his family and his fellow Earwig/Spider/Nazz/Alice Cooper bandmates….so some of the following relates to them as well. This isn’t a biography….visual or otherwise.
Please understand that the following timelines are not perfect or anywhere near complete. They can and will be changed as we receive new information. Hopefully old and new Alice Cooper fans can help us in that endeavor.
Acknowledgements: We have to thank Si Halley for his website SickthingsUK. As you will see we used a lot of the information found on his site in the *History/Timeline* section. I’ve deleted and added information as I saw fit….but the timeline of the early Alice Cooper era, found at that site, made it much easier to start this project. The ‘sickthings.co.uk’ site is still the most complete site for Alice Cooper information of all kinds…and compares favorably to any other rock band’s info site. Thanks to Dennis Dunaway and Paul Brenton for help with identifying pictures. Also kudos to ‘alicecooperechive.com for having something to compare Si’s info with – to make sure we didn’t skip anything. As in most endeavors – we stand on the backs of those who have come before us.
Pictures: A lot of the pictures used we have taken off the net. If there was a photographer listed for the original, we listed him/her. A good portion of these photos came from my wife and family’s personal collection. We also ‘borrowed’ a few pictures from Paul Brenton’s series of books from the Glen Buxton Memorials. A thank you also to Andy Michael and Steven Crayn who supplied some of the photos on this site – as well as “cleaning up” some of the old photos found here. If anyone knows the photographer for a particular picture, please let us know.

Bob Davison


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