1970 – Detroit/Midwest

Band doing a ”drum circle” at unknown show.

Click Pictures to Enlarge

January 2-3, 1970 – Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Flamin’ Groovies, SRC)

jan 2, 70

Flamin’ Groovies from SF
SRC (Scott Richards Case) from Detroit
69eastown frank pettis
Photo by Frank Pettis. The Eastown Theater 1970


*As best as I can determine, Alice Cooper played at least seven weekend gigs (14 shows) at the Eastown.

January 16-17, 1970 – Pasadena Rose Palace: (Lee Michaels, Eric Burdon & War, Missiah) 835 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA. This is where the floats for Pasadena’s famous Rose Parade are constructed and stored.

70 leemichaels
Lee Michaels – 1968. Had a big hit in 1971 called “Do You Know What I Mean”


70 Eric Burdon- War
Eric Burdon and War

Screenshot_270 jan la


70 - feb 9 potts
A photo that made the rounds of newspapers in early 1970


Jan 30-31, 1970 – Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Stooges, The Früt )

The Frut – on stage. Enterprising Detroit band who created and ran their own venues in the Detroit area

Pictured above is the Eastown in its better days….probably the 30-40s. Balcony – as seen from the stage You can see the projection booth at the back. The building spent most of its life as a movie theater.

The Stooges – 1970. From Ann Arbor, Mi. Iggy is front and center!
Color close up of the oval design on the ceiling of the Eastown Theater.
70 eastown theater
Photo by Frank Pettis. Band at the Eastown Theater, Detroit 1970

 70 jan 30,

Feb 20-21, 1970 – The Birmingham Palladium, 136 Brownell (now Peabody Street) in Birmingham, MI (w/ Chip Stevens Blues Band, Richmond). Band played here several times.

Birmingham Palladium (Teen Center) in the mid 60’s.
70birmingham paladium
Site of Birmingham Palladium. Peabody St. in Birmingham, MI. (Now a Parking structure)

70 feb 20

70-02-20 Det

March 1970 –  Easy Action released.




March 7, 1970 – Stage Five – 2451 N. Kidzie Chicago, IL. (w/Joe Kelly)


Spring 1970 -Aquinas High School, Southgate, MI ($3 entry charge) Witnesses have stated other bands were on the bill, including Bob Segar, Ted Nugent, The Frost, Mitch Ryder, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who, Beatles, Fat Bob the Singing Plumber, the Four Tops, Elvis, Loretta Lynn and Justin Bieber). Although the building still stands, the school closed in 2001…due to dwindling enrollment. Over the years the number of people, claiming attendance at this 1970 show, has grown and grown…. too a point where 9 out of every 10 people, born in the SW Michigan area, claim to have been there.

Aquinas High (closed). For sale if anyone is interested!

March 13, 1970 – Windsor, ONT, Walkerville Collegiate (w/ Rock Monopoly) – Advert states “No Chickens Please?”
<Walkerville Collegiate/Band ’70>

From Detroit area newspaper. There was an accompanying photo that went with this, that would not print….giving directions to college.

70Walkerville_CollScreenshot_570 march69-70

Spring/Summer ’70 – Show in Mount Holly, Holly, MI – Local dance organized by Johnny Irons of radio station WTAC.
The picture below has longed been labeled as taken at the Mt. Holly Ski Lodge (Michigan). The appearance of the stage matches other photos taken there in the 70’s. However, I can find no date of a show here, by Alice Cooper, in the spring, fall, winter or summer of 1970. What confuses things even more – there is a bootleg CD that was created from a 1971 show by the band, recorded at this venue. I cannot find any evidence of a show in Mt. Holly in 1971 either…but I guess there was at least one show there.

Screenshot_6Alice Cooper plays Mount Holly for Johnny Irons &WTAC-AM Radio Flint



70mt holly robbie allen
The Lodge at Mt. Holly.

Mar 28, 1970 –  Clifton, OH Ludlow’s Garage (w/ Ten Years After). Cincinnati city council member Jim Tarbell was proprietor of the garage from the late 1960s until its closing in 1971. Although no longer a concert venue, the garage still stands and currently houses a restaurant, yoga studio and hardware store. (May have played on May 27th as well)

Typical handbill for Ludlow’s Garage. Format design was re-used often.
Ten Years After (Alvin Lee in front)


70ludlowgarage2 1970

 Above, Ludlow Garage as it appears today. Notice that “D” is missing in Ludlow…….Dennis Dunaway??????

April 5, 1970- Grandmother’s.  East Lansing, MI, (later called the “Silver Dollar Saloon”)

23gb gun
Put down my beer, partner!


70-04-05 [Michigan State News

70 lansing
Grandmothers – after closure. Became “The Brewery.
Another ad/handbill for AC’s show at Grandmothers. Since a year is given…the authenticity may be questioned.

April 10, 1970 – Chesterfield, MO. The Rainy Daze. Located at 14100 Olive Boulevard. (w/Rush)

70 april 10 st louis post dispatch
From St. Louis Post Dispatch
Site of Rainy Daze is now an Art Gallery and restaurant.


???April 17, 1970 – The Grand Circus Theater (w/Stooges and Jam Band) 1526 Broadway Street, Detroit, MI. Concertdatabase list this show….but no info can be found.

April 17, 1970 – Rondeau Pavilion, Rondeau Park, Ontario


 April 19, 1970 – Minneapolis Labor Temple. (w/Rod Stewart and Small Faces).

70mn labor temple april
Minneapolis Labor Temple

Labor-Temple-1970-APRIL70 minn


April 27, 1970 – Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA (w/Chairman of the Board, Eric Burden & War, Haydn) Actually in Daly City, CA The site of rodeos, basketball, hockey, and wrestling events…the Cow Palace also has seen some big name musically events, including the Beatles, Elvis, and The Who. It was during the Who show here, that Keith Moon passed out on stage and was replaced by a fan. Built in 1941 the Cow Palace is still going strong.



70 charlie
Lighting Expert – Charlie Carnal

May 2, 1970 – San Bernardino, CA Swing Auditorium (w/ Ike and Tina Turner, Eric Burdon and War)

72ike and tina
Ike and Tina Turner – 1972
70 Eric Burdon- War
War w/Eric Burdon
70swing aud sanberdo
Swing Auditorium

70 april swingFrom San Bernadino Country Sun (newspaper)

The Swing….became a rock mecca in the mid and late 60’s. Destroyed by a small plane crashing into it in 1981.

May 8, 1970 – The Birmingham Palladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ Weaselfox, Mighty Quick). See Feb 21, 1970

71-270 may 8,

May 9, 1970 -Hollywood Palladium -6215 Sunset, Hollywood, CA. (w/Eric Burden and War, Fever Tree) The Palladium is still there – but has seen better days. Opened in 1940.

70-05-09-Poster70palladium (2)

Inside the Palladium Taken from the Blues Brothers movie

May 15-16, 1970 – New Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/ Stooges, Flamin` Groovies, Commander Cody, Purple Earthquake)

70newoldfilmoreSF Examiner


May 22, 1970 – The Birmingham Palladium, Birmingham, MI (w/ All The Lonely People, Chip Stevens Blues Band) See Feb 21, 1970

Some show during the Easy Action Tour – band wore masks during “Nobody Likes Me”.
Dennis still has his mask. Thank you Dennis for the pic.
Glen probably swapped his mask for a cigarette or a beer.


May 24, 1970 – Piper Rock Festival, Nelson Ledges Racetrack – Garrettsville, Ohio (w/ Rascals, Canned Heat, Cold Blood, Byrds, Smith, Glass Harp, Marble Cake) Location is the city of Garretsville – SW of Cleveland…about an hour drive from Akron, where it was originally scheduled. The racetrack still exists. No idea where, on the racecourse, the show took place. Alice Cooper opened show. Not sure if the concert took place on the racetrack or on a nearby farm.

Alice Cooper was a last minute addition to the show.

70 barberton ohio

70nelson ledges road coursehttp://akroclevkent.blogspot.co.uk/2005/01/mystery-of-piper-rock.html


May 30-31 and June 1,  1970 – Festival of Earth and Man from Thunderbird Beach, Baton Rouge, La. (w/ Youngbloods, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Bob Seger System, MC5 Brownsville Station, Buckinghams, Ides Of March, Mason Proffit, It’s A Beautiful Day & Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes.) [Show took place on a beach, apparently. The beach/park seems to have been replaced by land development. Actual location was 20 miles NW of Baton Rouge]


June 5-7,  1970 – Toronto, Canada, Electric Circus (Poster Exists for three shows) at 99 Queen Street East in Toronto, Ontario.
Wikipedia: Electric Circus, aka EC, was a Canadian live dance music television program aired on MuchMusic and Citytv. It aired from September 16, 1988 until December 12, 2003. The name originated from the nightclub that once existed at Citytv’s first studio at 99 Queen Street East in Toronto.




70 june 13 tom copi
June 13, 1970 Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo by Tom Copi. See Below

June 13, 1970 – Cincinnati, OH Crosley Field (Midsummer Rock Festival) (w/ the Stooges, Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, Alice Cooper, Traffic, Mighty Quick, Bob Seger, Mott The Hoople, Ten Years After, Bloodrock, Savage Grace, Brownsville Station, Zephyr, Damnation Of Adam Blessing, John Drake’s Shakedown)
Highlights of this festival were later broadcast on Cincinnati WLWT-TV under the name “Midsummer Rock”. Alice’s broadcast segment showed them playing “Lay Down and Die, Goodbye” & “Black Juju.” During Black Juju, while Alice is crouched at the front of the stage doing the “bodies need rest”/hypnotist bit with the pocket watch, someone in the crown hurls some sort of white cake and smacks him right in the mouth 

70cd cover cincy
Cover of CD that was made of show
70 cincy june 13,70 tom copi
Picture by Tom Copi
70 cincy tom copi
Picture by Tom Copi

70Screenshot_1                   Screen grab of Alice getting pie in face


70crosley field
Crosley Field was the home of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team until 1970. The stadium was torn down in 1972.


70 june 12
Cincinnati newspaper ad for show.

June 21, 1970 – The Depot, Minneapolis, MN – two shows

6.21.70The Depot is now the “Depot Tavern” on 7th Street and Hennepin

June 24, 1970 – *Sherwood Forest*, Davison, MI (w/ Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, MC-5 , Rationals, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Frijid Pink, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Dream Delight) Billed as: “Wild Wednesday – 12 groups in 12 hours – Twin Concert Stages” [outside show]

Glen circa 1970.
70 sherwood
Some of the crowd – June 24
Sherwood Forest Davison, Mi. This is a recent Google Map photo. Concert was held in the NW corner of Michigan Rte 15 and Richfield Rd

 June 27, 1970 – Detroit State Fairgrounds, Detroit, MI (w/ Savage Grace, The Werks)
Part of the Mid-Summer Rock Fests that occurred that summer, in and around Detroit. The band probably played in this building. (Unless they sent them over to the building where they judged livestock at the State Fairs.) This was NOT a performance for the State Fair that was held here every year around Labor Day. Solo Alice would often come back to the MI State Fair in following years.

Newspaper add from suburban Detroit paper


Being a Detroiter, I know that there were several places to see bands, at the State Fair Grounds, in the 60’s and 70’s. This was one stage.


June 28, 1970 Aquinas High School(????). Last minute replacement. Many big name groups (or future big name groups played at one or more of the many shows put on at this school. It is likely that Alice Cooper played there once or twice during their stay in Detroit.


June 30, 1970 – The Rainy Daze. Chesterfield, MO. (w/ Terry Knight and PAX)

70 Rainy Daze
Owners of the Rainy Daze in Chesterfield at the front door.

70 june 26 st louis post dispatch

July 4, 1970 – Midsummer Night Rock Fest, Michigan State Fairground (w/ Rotary Connection, SRC, Black Murder, Fugi, Wesselfox, Street Noise, Milestone, Magic Circus)


70 july free press


July 12, 1970 – The Factorie Ballroom, Detroit, MI (w/ Loki, The Meat Light Show, The Sunstorm Lightshow)  Address: 2815 Dixie Highway, Waterford, MI

70actorie waterford july
Site apparently occupied by a self-storage business today.






In Detroit in the 1970’s. Maybe at the Eastown. Photo by Frank Pettis
1970 photo of Alice in Detroit. Possibly at the Factorie

July 17, 1970 – Middle Earth, Indianapolis, IN (w/ Rig) – (3422 N. Illinois Street)
Below is ‘The Middle Earth’ (The Ritz Theater) today. Has been vacant for many years. Built in 1927 as a movie theater [The Ritz], the seats were removed in 1970 to change it to a rock concert venue called the Middle Earth. By 1972, it had closed but had played host to Richie Havens, Frank Zappa as well as Alice Cooper. The seats were put back in and movies returned….but the place was closed by 1977. It has sat empty and abandoned since then.

70Ritz-Theatre-middleearth today
Courtesy of Indianapolis Historical Society

1970-07-17 [Show Advert]

(NO) July 18, 1970 -Salt Lake City, UT – Terrace Ballroom (w/ Love, Fever Tree) – Handbills exist showing Alice playing with Fever Tree, however posters exist with Alice Cooper listed but with Blue Cheer playing instead. However to add to the confusion apparently Blue Cheer canceled as well to be replaced by ‘Blue Mountain Eagle’.  It is possible that Blue Cheer did appear on July 18 along with Love and Blue Mountain Eagle….but NO Alice Cooper


July 23, 1970Chicago Underground, 5751 E. 13 Mile Road Warren, MI(w/ The Assemblage) – Chicago Underground bootleg recorded here. A large apartment complex now sits on the site. Venue only existed from 1970-71. Was earlier called The Chatterbox.

Mike and Glen – 1970

July 24, 1970 – The Newcoast Festival in W. Nottingham, Chester County, PA on July 24-26, 1970. (w/ Stooges, Zephyr featuring Tommy Bolin, Cactus, Bloodrock, Amboy Dukes featuring Ted Nugent, Bob Seger System and others)

70 gb

July 25, 1970 – The International Room, General Motors Institute, Flint, MI(w/ The Rationals, Brownsville Station) (below) The GM Institute has been located in Flint, Mi for many decades…it is now part of Kettering College. The large stage was used as a practice spot for a lot of Detroit area bands.

70gm july


Brownsville Station (from Detroit)


The Rationals in the late 60’s. Very popular rock/white soul band in Michigan
70 july 25 michael marks
At GM International Room- Photo by Michael Marks

The Rationals – ‘Respect’

(Hey, I’m from Detroit – and these guys were big!)

*Aug 7 or 8, 1970 – MosportRaceway, north of Toronto, Ontario Strawberry Fields Festival.. Featuring, Mountain, Sly & the Family Stone, Cactus, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Procol Harum, , Delaney and Bonnie, the Youngbloods, Grand Funk Railroad, Melanie, Crowbar, and Jose Feliciano). Led Zeppelin was scheduled, but did not show.
The Strawberry Fields festival was initially to have taken place near Moncton, New Brunswick. The event was to run each day from low to high tide on a sandy beach where the tide goes out 1.5 miles. The event was re-scheduled at the last minute to Mosport Raceway, north of Toronto. Nine hundred miles from the original site. Thousands of Americans were denied entry into Canada for the Festival on the grounds that they “failed to produce adequate monies to support themselves.” Ten thousand Americans did make it. Info on Event


*August 4-9, 1970 – “Harmonyville”. The Electric Factory in Philadelphia Pa. was arranging a festival, originally slated to be called ‘Harmonyville’, which was to be located on the Delaware River in Northern New Jersey, opposite Bushkill, Pa. It appears it did not happen. Several large cardboard posters have been found for this event….but Alice Cooper is not listed among the many bands.

70 harmonyville

*Aug 9, 1970 – Jackson, MI – Goose Lake Int. Music Festival (w/ Jethro Tull, John Sebastian, Savage Grace, SRC, Flock, James Gang, Stooges, Ten Years After, Suite Charity, Detroit, Bob Seger System, Frost, Mountain, Rod Stewart and The Faces). Goose Lake Festival is considered Michigan’s Woodstock

70gooselake 70gooselakegagscover 70gooselakemap



There is still a question IF the Cooper band actually played this concert. You can find “witnesses” that say they did and others that say the opposite. AC had played the Ontario Strawberry Fields Festival on the 7th or 8th of August, so it was possible that they could have played the next day at Goose Lake.

The majority of historians of this concert feel that the AC band did not appear….but no reason has been stated.

Goose Lake Festival

From Wikipedia:
Goose Lake Park was built on 390 acres of land, with a budget of $1 million, and was billed as the “world’s first permanent festival site”. It was projected that 60,000 fans would attend the first festival.
The stage was built on a large, revolving turntable with two performance spaces so that the previous band could disassemble its gear and the next band set up while the current band was performing. At the end of each performance, the stage would rotate 180 degrees, and the next act would begin performing almost immediately. The backstage area had a tent where 20 to 30 groupies described as “sizzlers” were available for the performers.
Those who attended were provided free campsites, free parking and free firewood. There were restrooms and showers every 500 feet, medical staff, motorcycle and dune buggy trails, a lake with a beach, and also the “longest slide in the world”. To keep gate crashers out, the site was surrounded by a high chain-link fence topped by barbed wire.
The admission price for the three-day event was $15.00 and entry tokens in the style of poker chips were sold to avoid the counterfeiting of paper tickets.
Sadly the area around Goose Lake is home of coal and even gold mining that has destroyed much of the area’s beauty and polluted many lakes and streams.


Picture of part of the crowd – estimated at 200,000


Schedule for Goose Lake festival, showing the AC band scheduled to play Sunday afternoon/evening.

(NO SHOW)Aug 10, 1970 – Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, Utah, (w/ Amboy Dukes and Brownsville Station). Article below explains that the band was not there – Brownsville Station and the Amboy Dukes performed (sort of) A mess. From Salt Lake City Tribune on August 14, 1970. Click to enlarge.

70 aug 10 utah

70Terrace SLC73

 70 august10.

August 12, 1970 – Central States Rock Festival, Fairgrounds, Rapid City, South Dakota

Screenshot_1 70 aug 12 rapid city

70 aug 12 Thank you Rick Marsellias

Aug 14-15, 1970 – Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Johnny Winter, Tin House) Eastown is at Harper Ave and Van Dyke in Detroit, MI

Johnny Winter – early 70’s.
70tin house
Tin House – mid 60’s.


69michigan frank pettis
The band at one of their many Eastown shows. Photo by Frank Pettis.



Aug 16, 1970 – Me Alice infers that Easy Action is out. Shep at Nimbus 9 in Toronto. Leo Fenn has taken over as acting Manager while Shep and Joey try and find new ways to make money. Leo sends a copy of the album to a young assistant at Nimbus 9 called… Bob Ezrin. He hates it. Fenn continues to hassle Ezrin to see the band live, which he finally does in Max`s Kansas City in NY.

Glen – visiting his Grandma

Aug 25, 1970 – Washington, DC, L’Enfant Square, Medicine Ball Caravan show. (w/ Sageworth And Drums, Hot Tuna, Stoneground)
Due to their appearance on the ‘Soundtrack’ album to the film ‘Medicine Ball Caravan’ it has been long assumed Alice Cooper was part of the whole tour but this wasn’t the case. In fact ‘Stoneground’ were the only band to actually travel with the Caravan and play every show. The Caravan was put together specifically for the purpose of making a film about it, and the hippy movement, in the wake of the huge success of the ‘Woodstock’ film. It was basically a group of around 150 hippies and scene leading lights travelling across America and setting up concerts as they went. Warner Brothers bankrolled the project and the bands were simply flown in for each show, different artists each time. Alice Cooper only played this one show, and the track on the resulting album isn’t in fact live, but a studio cut with added audience.
***In 1972 John Grissim published a book entitled “We Have Come For Your Daughters: What Went Down On The Medicine Ball Caravan” which told the whole story (from his viewpoint) of the Caravan. It features one early photo of Alice backstage at the Washington show and a couple of pages describing the bands participation with the Washington show.  (Part of this book – that concerns the AC band – can be found in the ‘Stories’ section of this site.)

Black Juju

Aug 29, 1970 –  Island Park, LI (Near Long Beach), Action House (w/ Hog)

70august29 long island

Aug 30, 1970 – Festival in West Virginia, – canceled (w/ Manitoba Hugger, Fuse (Cheap Trick), The Tayles, Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent), SRC, Bob Seger, MC-5, Siegel-Schwall, Stooges (Iggy Pop), 3rd Power, Brownsville Station, Alice Cooper, Tongue and Django)

Aug 30, 1970 – Sound Storm II, Big Country Ranch Resort West Finley, PA ??????

Aug/Sept 1970 –  Band arrives at Pontiac Farm, Detroit, MI.  [The book, ‘Me, Alice’ infers they were there for 18 months.]

—–(Click photos to enlarge)—–

71 pontiac farm
Photo by Dennis Dunaway 1971
Aerial view of the farm circa 1967
Google Map of the farms location today. A large part is under a parking lot and building.
71 pontiac barns
Barns behind the farmhouse. White one is rehearsal barn. Courtesy of Dennis and Cindy Dunaway
farm4 (2)
GB – ready for some target practice. Charlie Auringer photo.
Neal Smith – encouraging better production from a young Bob Ezrin.  (Photo courtesy of Jeff Jatras)
Cindy tending to the livestock. Photo by Ron Volz
Ron Volz and Cindy, tending horses on the Pontiac Farm. Picture courtesy of Ron Volz.
70 sept
Picture taken by roadie Ron Volz of the farmhouse on Brown Road in Pontiac, Michigan. Might be Cindy in front of house.
Dan’l Buxton aiming to go a huntin’ varmits. (Charlie Auringer photo)



70 farm
[Pontiac Farm] Glen sitting in his favorite chair – right in front of the TV. Photo taken by Cindy Smith-Dunaway.
Glen practicing in the “practice barn” in Pontiac. Picture owned by Paul Brenton


September 2-5, 1970  – Ungano’s, New York, NY (Advertized in Village Voice) 210 West 70th Street NYC

Former site of Ungano’s in NYC

 Sept 5-7,  1970 – Central Texas Music Festival, Highway 95 between Elgin and Bastrop, TX (w/ MC-5, Amboy Dukes, Stooges, Ike & Tina Turner, James Cotton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chambers Brothers, Alice Cooper, Freddie King, Eric Burdon & War and many more…). THE SHOW WAS CANCELLED DUE TO FEARS OF ”PROBLEMS” DEVELOPING AND PRESSURE FROM LOCALS.

Sept 8, 1970 – New York, NY – Max’s Kansas City (AC reportedly arrested for saying “tits”)
Max’s Kansas City – first time Bob Ezrin sees the band perform?  These could/are likely to be the same show. Ezrin later joins the band at the Pontiac Ranch to work on songs for the next album. Recently, a bakery occupied the lower level of Max’s

70max 70maxs

Current Google Map photo of former site of Max’s Kansas City
70lee black childers
‘Lee Black Childers’ photo at Max’s Kansas City. Glen has ‘spoon slide’ in his mouth.






70max's kc sept
Max’s in the early 70s

 farm5Another photo of GB on the Pontiac farm

Neal and other marksmen at target practice at the farm. Rock writer Lester Bangs is closest to camera. (He was working for Creem Magazine at the time.)


Sept 9, 1970 – Long Island, NY, Action House

Action House, Long Island 1970. Second show this year, at this venue? See Aug 29
70 nyc
Dennis and Glen in New York
70 sept 9 long island acton house
Dennis at the Action House in NY

Sept 18, 1970 – Rainy Daze, Chesterfield, Missouri. [14100 Olive Street]
The Alice Cooper group entered through the front doors of the venue, walking through the audience before climbing on stage.

70Rainy Daze Alice craig petty photo
Alice and Neal on stage at the Rainy Daze (photo by Craig Petty)
70Rainy Daze
Picture (a much earlier show) of the Rainy Daze. (photo by Craig Petty)






70Alice and Rand
Mike, Alice, Neal …supposedly after the Rainy Daze show

Sept 19,  1970 – New Orleans, LA, The Warehouse (w/ The Stooges, MC 5) (Advert exists, Show happened, but without the Stooges who are listing a show in Canada the following day)
The Warehouse, located at 1820 Tchoupitoulas Street, was the main venue for rock music, in New Orleans, in the 1970s. It opened on January 30, 1970, with The Flock, Fleetwood Mac, and The Grateful Dead. The Allman Brothers Band were regulars.
Rock history was made at The Warehouse. The Grateful Dead’s arrest on opening weekend for drug possession would be immortalized in their song “Truckin”. On Feb. 1, there was a “Bread for the Dead” concert to raise money for legal fees. Fleetwood Mac and the Grateful Dead performed, and concluded with an almost 40-minute jam together on “Turn on Your Lovelight.” [Jim Morrison’s last concert, with The Doors, was also at the Warehouse on Dec 12, 1970.]

70warehouse sept
Advertisement for Sept 19 at the Warehouse

70warehouse new orlenas

70warehouse today
Site of the former ‘Warehouse’
Warehouse opened January 30, 1970. The          buildings were eventually torn down mainly due to freeway construction in 1989.



Sept 27, 1970– String Factory, Richmond, Virginia w/Matrix and Titfield Thunderbolt



70 virginia sept

Titfield Thunderbolt. A ‘performance art’ band from Virginia

October 4, 1970 – Birmingham Palladium in Birmingham, Mi. (w/Catfish and Shakey Jake)

70 oct

October 9-10, 1970 – Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Cradle, Mutzie, Chicken Shack)

This picture is about a dozen years old. The inside of the Eastown Theater is much worse looking today.
Ceiling of the Eastown. Recently lost to weather and scrappers.










One of the murals found on the walls in the Eastown. Probably touched up or re-painted after the venue closed.
Glen practicing in the barn at the farm in Pontiac.

70 barn pontiacPracticing in the barn at the Pontiac farm (Bob Ezrin in front of drums). 1970 This photo and the one above – copyrights are held by Paul Brenton. (Photo – R. Sega)

Oct 16 1970 – Grand Rapids, MI, Grand Valley Armory (w/ Mike Quatro, Jam Band, The Ones) (Poster exists)


Oct 17, 1970 – Memorial Gym, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois (w/ S. R. C., Chase, Frijid Pink)

Knox College Memorial Gym….built in 1950
Advertisement for Knox College








Oct 31, 1970 – Ypsilanti, MI, Bowen Field House, Eastern Michigan Univ. ( w/ SRC, Brownsville Station, Jam Band, Mutzi, Insanity’s Horse) – *Interesting: another source says they never showed up!

Bowen Field house no long exists on the campus.70-10-31-Poster


November 1, 1970 – The Früt (sic) Palace, Mt Clemens, MI 23580 Hall Road, Mt. Clemens. “The Früt” (originally Früt of the Loom) was a local Detroit-area band who rented out two large geodesic dome buildings and had other local bands play there. They also had shows at a place called the Früt Cellar in downtown Mt. Clemens. (234 Gratiot Ave) The Früt Cellar was the ballroom of the Colonial Hotel which dated back to the beginning of the 20th century. Originally the structure was a sanitarium. Although the dates are unknown the Alice Cooper band is said to have played this venue as well, per book: Detroit Rock City.

70, nov1 frut palace
Frut Palace
The Früt Cellar in the 1950’s. Demolished in 1984. A Family Dollar store sits on this site today.

[Cautionary note for Früt Palace show: While copies of performance contracts, for 1970, exist for the bands the MC5, Stooges, Funkadelics, and Mitch Ryder, there is not one for the ACG. Re: RnR Hall of Fame library and Archives.]

70 oct 30

Nov. 6-7, 1970 – Dewey’s in Madison, WI

Nov 11, 1970Eighteen/Is It My Body released without there being an album to promote as yet.

Nov 20, 1970 – Los Angeles, CA, Homecoming Dance, UCLA Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom (w/ Bones, Christopher Milk)

Ackerman Union on UCLA campus

Nov 21, 1970 – Detroit, MI.  U of D Memorial Building. University of Detroit campus. (w/Stooges and Jane Fonda)


Nov 25, 1970 – Salt Lake City, UT – Fairgrounds Coliseum (w/ Wishful Thinking) Tickets for a previous AC show were valid for this show by returning the unused ticket for an exchange. Addy: 155 N1000 W, Salt Lake City, Utah

70utah fairgrounds
70utah fairgrounds
A newer photo of that building


Nov 27, 1970 – Chicago, IL, The Syndrome, 1400 S.Wabash Avenue, Chicago (w/MC5)
Structure was actually the last of the three “Coliseums” in Chicago. It was built in 1899 and saw service as a hockey arena (Chicago Black Hawks), basketball and political conventions.
During the late 1960s and early 1970s, The Coliseum saw duty as “The Syndrome”, a general-admission venue for rock music concerts. Many popular bands of the era played there, including The Grateful Dead, Cream, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. The venue was also hosting roller derbys and pro wrestling matches.
In 1971, the city shut the building down for fire violations, and the building fell into disuse, finally being demolished in 1982. Part of the Libby facade was given to the Chicago History Museum. The site is now occupied by the Soka Gakkai USA Culture Center. Coliseum Park, across the street at 14th Place and Wabash Ave., has a sign that commemorates this historic structure.
AC would return here on Dec 31 of this year.

70chicago dec
Photo from the 1950s.


Dec 7, 1970 -Rochester, NY. Monroe Community College. A show conflict here. There is also a show on the 7th in Virginia (see below). Found this ad in the Adverts in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (November 23, 1970). But no other info found.

1970-11-29 Democrat_and_Chronicle_______________________________

Dec 7, 1970 – Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia
Show took place in the campus cafeteria. (With ‘Titfield Thunderbolt’)

Dec 11, 1970 – The Loft, Lakeville, MI (w/ The Maxx) An earlier show here saw the arrest of 2 members of the MC5. Place was also called the Limberlost. The building still stands on private property.

There is a small booklet about the Loft, its music and the bands who played there. Alice Cooper is mentioned.
The Loft

Dec 25-26, 1970 – Eastown Theatre, Detroit (With Bob Ezrin playing Keyboards!!) (Love,  The Früt)


70 dec 25

Dec 27, 1970 – Toledo Sports Arena – Toledo, Ohio (w/Mutzie)
The Toledo Sports Arena was a 5,230-seat multi-purpose arena, at 1 Main Street, Toledo, Ohio. It was built in 1947 and razed in 2007. The band would return to this venue in 1971 and 1973.

Toledo Sports Arena in the 60’s.

1970-12-26 Toledo Blade [Show Advert]

Dec 28,  1970 – Chatham, Ontario ?
Dec 29,  1970 – St. Louis, MO ?

Dec 31, 1970 – Chicago IL, Chicago Coliseum (w/ The Byrds) (eye witness – “The Byrds played after them in the wee hours of the morning”) [Note the Nov 27 date above.]

1970-12-27 Chicago Tribune [Show Advert]

70novbyrdsByrds ’70

Other shows possible in 1970:

1970 – Wheeling, IL – Wheeling High School
1970 – Windsor, Ontario – Walkerville High School
Winter 1970 – Pittsburg S.M.A.P. (Sunshine Music America Peace) – They were a last minute fill-in for Cold Blood, who canceled??????
Formerly The Electric Theater (which opened on March 29, 1969) Sunshine Music America Peace was a Pittsburgh, PA. venue built to stage underground acts and compete w/the likes of the Fillmore in San Francisco and the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Alice Cooper played that venue in 1969. Also known as “S.M.A.P.,” 1970 concerts featured Mind Garage, Lighthouse, Bob Seager System and Amboy Dukes which featured Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper and others. The owner says the Cooper band played at either the Electric Theater or one of the S.M.A.P. events. Located at 6117 Broad Street in Pittsburgh, PA. Building is now a Youth Center.

70chatam-kent dec28
This photo was believed to be taken in Canada


Glen’s Fuzz Face – courtesy of Dennis Dunaway.


Here is a amendment (addendum?) to the band’s Warner Bros contract, signed by all five band members in December of 1970. Kind of hard to read. Something Janice found in Glen’s desk. Notice that, legally, it was still Vince Furnier. The amendment calls for a slight correction in the length of the original contract.