1974 – photos by David Cluett. Taken at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. [Both b/w and color]

74 greenwich cindy photo

1974. Greenwich, CT. Glen in center, Dennis in foreground. Mick Mashbir in red chair. Photo by Cindy Smith Dunaway

Another photo of Glen taken by David Cluett at the Chateau Marmont in 1974. Glen on the balcony looking down at the Strip.

1976a (2)

Glen’s house in Connecticut – around 1976


Glen and sister Janice in front of Glen’s home


Photo from inside GB’s CT home. These are some awards from Canada and other countries.



74 d. cluett greenwich ct susan

Girlfriend Susan. Photo by David Cluett (in his backyard) sometime in mid 70s.

74 d. cluett greenwich, ct

David Cluett photo. Greenwich, CT. Mid 70s.

Photo from David Cluett mid 70s in CT. Glen, his girlfriend Susan, and Rolling Stone writer Steven Gaines.

Another Dave Cluett photo – Glen and Susan

Another David Cluett photo of Glen


Dennis, Cindy, Neal. Circa 1974

GB at Ken’s Smoke shop @1975


Glen and sister Janice visiting Akron, Ohio in summer of 1976.

A photo from David Cluett showing Glen looking at the fire damaged Galesi mansion


A poll taken by “Hit Parader” magazine. Thank you Dennis Dunaway




May 7th, 1978: Glen joined The Dead Boys onstage for an encore of ‘I’m Eighteen’, on the last night of the benefit gigs at CBGB’s for drummer Johnny Blitz, who was nearly stabbed to death.

    The Dead Boys featuring Glen Buxton – I’m Eighteen (Live CBGB’s May 7th 1978)


Thank you Ron Haholy.



GB, Rockin’ Reggie, Charlie Carnal, DD. 1977-78


These two pictures show Glen doing a guest spot with the “Flying Tigers” (Neal and Dennis’ band) in Connecticut in 1979. Photos by Weaver Santaniello



Glen in NYC in 1980

Thank you Ron Haholy

March of 1980 – Glen appears with Shrapnel in New York

From Rolling Stone:
When a young New York punk band called Shrapnel returned to it’s old high school in Red Bank, New Jersey, recently to play a gig for old time’s sake, it brought along a very special guest – Glen Buxton, guitarist extrordinaire with the original Alice Cooper band.
We played in the cafeteria,” chuckles Buxton, who met Shrapnel about eighteen months ago while hanging out in the New York punk circuit. “I mean, it really took me back, boy, right back to Cortez High where Alice, Dennis Dunaway [the Cooper band’s bassist] and me started out. I know exactly what the trip is.”
Unfortunately, the school officials apparently didn’t. By the time Buxton came on-stage to sit in on Shrapnel’s version of “School’s Out,” it was eleven p.m. – curfew time. “They flipped the lights on,” says Buxton. “It was like, ‘Study hall is open again.’ Anyway, I started ‘School’s Out,’ and they went over and started pullin’ plugs. First they pulled the PA, figured that would do it. But the kids were on their feet, and the whole audience started singing the words, man. Isn’t that cool? I couldn’t believe it. After the gig we all went over to the lead-guitar player’s house, and his mother put out salami and stuff.”
Buxton had semi-retired from music after the Cooper band folded. “My health went,” he says. “I was drinkin’ a lot. I was in the hospital on the critical list for a couple of weeks – my pancreas. You can imagine how much I was drinkin’. I mean, I taught Alice how to drink. But I’m outta that head now.”
Now he’s writing songs with his wife (sic), Susan, and casually planning a comeback, inspired by the energy of the local punk scene. “I’m thirty-two years old,” he notes. “School’s been out along time for me.” (credit for above to

An article, written by Kurt Loder, found in the March 15, 1980 edition of the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Some wishful thinking in the Phoenix “New Times” newspaper in 1983



Glen (shades) and his band Virgin in Phoenix, in the early to mid 80s.


Glen on stage with Virgin

buxton 19430001

Glen and Virgin. (glen on the right)


Sign for the ‘Mason Jar’. Popular spot for Glen’s band Virgin


The building still exist, but it has gone through several name changes.


83 Virgin


 80s Virgin VIRGIN


buxton 19430001

1984 – Virgin. Glen and Clay D. Harper of the band Virgin.


“What’s the big mahops?” Mid 80s


buxton 19430003

Mid – 80s


40th birthday at parent’s house 1987

1989 Avondale, AZ. Thank you Michael West

1987 Dawn DiGiovanni -Goodyear

1987. Photo courtesy of Dawn DiGiovanni



Glen, Janice and future brother-in-law, Bob, about 1988.


You take picture of me taking picture of you. Christmas 1988


Family picture in the late 80s at Glen’s parent’s house.

1990 with sister, Janice


Glen hamming it up at Janice’s and Bob’s wedding 1990


Buxton-Flynn. (Above and below) The two played a few gigs in central Iowa and Minn in the mid-90s.

Glen using a red Charvel guitar


Glen doing an interview of Weird Al Yankovick for a local TV station in Iowa. The show was called “Just Testing…”. Glen did several show for them.


Some outdoor practice in Clarion, Iowa in the mid 90s


Glen doing some antiquing at the house he shared with his fiancee, Lori – in Clarion, Iowa

iowa sg jr1544301_754691047971335_5130682774894233171_nGlen in Iowa

Alice and Glen


Probably Glen and Alice’s last meeting in late 1996 or 1997. On Alice’s tour bus – in Minnesota(?)


Glen – Clarion


Photo taken from an interview done in Clarion, Iowa by Lonesome Roadie Productions…who Glen briefly worked with.


Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, along with Richie Scarlett came together on October 10, 1997 to perform two shows. Referred to as BSBS (Glen called it Bullshit on Bullshit) they first performed on the Stevens and Prewett morning radio show (called Live at Billy Blues) and then on Sunday, October 12th, at a small club in Houston, Texas called Area 51. John Glenn helped out on keyboards. Dennis Dunaway unfortunately was ill and could not make it, so Richie took over on bass.

On the radio show, the band played: ‘I’m Eighteen’, ‘Schools Out’, ‘Under My Wheels’, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, the intro from ‘Hello Hurray’ and ‘Muscle of Love’

Area 51 set list:

  • Hello Hurray (intro only)
  • Caught in a Dream
  • I’m Eighteen (With the “American Pie” ending)
  • Under My Wheels
  • Be My Lover
  • Desperado
  • No More Mr Nice Guy
  • Muscle of Love (With a Neal Smith drum solo)
  • Billion Dollar Babies
  • Titanic Overture
  • Schools Out
  • Hard Hearted Alice
  • Train Kept A Rollin`

Micheal and Glen, at separate times, jammed briefly after the show.

A week later – October 19 – Glen passed away, making these shows his last public appearances.

A VHS was made available of the show entitled ‘Rock Legends’ – it is long out of print. Clips can be found on Youtube……..courtesy of Jeff Jatras.

Photos and Video from Glen’s Final Shows


Publicity shot for Area 51 show near Houston, Texas in October 1997


Glen – Texas ’97


Michael and Dennis before show.


Area 51 show. Richie Scarlett on bass, flanked by Michael Bruce and Glen. Neal Smith on drums. Glen’s last show.

Richie Scarlet and Glen

Touch up before show


The Area 51 band did some autograph signing at a record convention while in Houston

From Akron to Phoenix to Hollywood. From Earwig to Spider to Cooper……GB, The Blonder Bomber


Glen passed away about a week after the show in Texas. He was buried in Clarion, Iowas. This headstone was placed on his grave approx. a year later, partly paid for by fan donations.


Reverse side of Glen’s headstone.


To celebrate Glen’s life and musical career….several ‘Glen Buxton Memorial Weekends’ were held in the years following his death. The first was in his resting place in Clarion, the next was in his hometown of Phoenix, the third in Hollywood, CA, and the final one in Cleveland near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It took almost 10 more years….but Glen and his bandmates were finally inducted in to the Hall in 2011.

1997e 2001 2001a……………………………………………………………………………


Glen’s Crazy-Ass brother-in-law starts a Facebook page called “Glen Buxton’s Shiny New Dime”

The page is known for creating controversy, or stirring it up – even if there isn’t any!


Glen and crazy-ass brother-in-law in the late 80s.


Crazy-ass B-i-law thirty years later….after dealing with a myriad of psycho AC fans.

*The name “Shiny Dime” comes from what Glen would promise his little sister Janice if she would keep her mouth shut about something. As in, “If you don’t tell mom I have these cigarettes, I’ll give you a “shiny new dime!”


Glen’s ”story” appears as prominent part of Dennis Dunaway’s book “Snakes, Guillotines, and Electric Chairs!”


The HBO series ‘Vinyl’, Episode 3. Alice Cooper band is discussed. “Glen” has a cameo.

Vinyl“GB” on right?