1971 – Big Time

1971 – BIG TIME

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Dec 31, 1970 to Jan 3, 1971 – Chicago IL, Chicago Coliseum *Mod World Expo 1971* (w/ The Byrds, etc). It is possible the band played on opening night (31st) and then made the trip to Davison, MI (see below) to play the Sherwood Forest show. About a three and a half hour drive.

Jan 1, 1971 – The Sherwood Forest, Davison, MI (w/ Universe, Smack Dab)
Sherwood Forest was known for its large outdoor summer concerts in the early 70’s. They did have some smaller indoor concerts during the colder months. Located in Davison, Mi…near Flint Mi. on M-15 and Richfield Road.

71-01-01 Detroit_Free_Press


Above – Abandoned
remains of one of the lodges that served as a venue for cold weather concerts….often called “Wild Wednesdays”.

Jan 2,  1971 – Birmingham, Mi Palladium (w/ Werks, Salvage)

71-01-01 Detroit_Free_Press

Jan 15, 1971 – Dania, FL – Pirates World (w/ MC5, Brownsville Station)


Brownsville Station


Detroit’s MC5


71 jan dd

Leo Fenn (road manager) driving Alice and Glen in rented car in Fort Lauderdale. Photo by Dennis Dunaway

Jan 15, 1971 – “Turn On With Barry Richards’” show performance recorded (apparently live) in Washington, DC. Transmitted the following day. (DATE IS IN QUESTION)

 71barry richards

Jan 16. 1971 – The footage known as `Detroit Tubeworks` filmed for TV. Filmed at WXON Studios (Channel 20), north of Detroit.

71, jan tubeworks

Screen grab from Tubeworks recording

71 january

Jan 23, 1971–  Alice Cooper performs at the Detroit Autorama in January of 1971.

71 jan 17

Jan 29, 1971 – Fillmore North, St. Lawrence Market, Toronto (w/ SRC) St. Lawrence Market is a large produce market/shopping area in Toronto. Where exactly the concert took place – I have not determined. This is a photo of one of the large structures at this site:

71 toronto feb

Jan 31, 1971 –   ‘JBs’ in Kent, OH (w/ Glass Harp, Biggy Rat) Located on 224 N. Water Street in Kent.

71, jan 29 akron paper 244 n. water street

Ad from Jan 29, 1971 Akron Beacon Journal


JBs on the right. Probably in the late 70s or early 80s. Building still there and still serves as an entertainment spot after a number of changes.

Feb 2, 1971 – Toledo ‘State Theatre’. (w/Frut) Location: Collingwood and Delaware Ave, Toledo, Ohio. Built in 1927. Band would play here again in 1971.

71toledo 2 6 70

State Theater a few years before it was torn down (1995)


Empty lot where theatre stood.


Feb 12, 1971 – at the ‘Rock 3’, St. Catherines, Ontario. 53 Ontario Street. (w/Titanic)


Feb 14, 1971–  The Sherwood Forest, Davison, MI (w/ The Whiz Kids, Ice Nine) See Jan 1, ‘71

71feb 12

Feb 19, 1971“Eighteen” mentioned as being number one in Cleveland.

71 feb

Ad – probably sent to radio stations to help increase airplay for ’18’.

Feb (21?), 1971‘Love It To Death’ released


Me Alice: “February the band returned to Pontiac Farm. Shep and Joey had opened up an office on West Thirteenth Street, Greenwich Village, NY where they sat on the phones promoting the record. Things start happening and `18` starts getting airplay. The band head back into the studio to record the rest of the album with Bob Ezrin. Charlie Carnel and Mike Allen built first, `The Cage Of Fire`(which Alice claims WAS used a couple of times, MB says once), and then The Electric Chair.”

’18’ gets a lot of air time on Windsor radio station – CKLW. Music director at CKLW, Rosalie Trombley, picked up on the song because her son liked it. Canadian radio stations were required to play a certain percentage of their songs that had Canadian connections. Bob Ezrin was from Canada so playing ’18’ also provided CKLW a way to easily fulfill their ‘Canadian’ obligation. CKLW broadcast to a very large area in the midwest, so they provided a big push for the song and band.

69Rosalie-Trombley-billboard-650  CKLW’s – Rosalie Trombley – 1969

71 litd

Photo not used for album

Feb 19, 1971– Oelman Auditorium, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (two shows). Oelman Hall is now the Center of the Universities Chemistry Department.


Oehlam is rectangular building in the center of the picture.

Feb 26, 1971–  Electric Playground, Columbus, OH. 16 E. Elm Street. Site is now a parking lot.

71 feb 26

71billboard feb

Feb 27, 1971 – Brampton, Ontario, Canada (w/ Nucleus)  at Brampton Centennial SS.

Feb 28, 1971 – Polish Veterans Hall, Oshawa, Canada (w/ Fear). (Sikorski) Polish Veteran’s Hall is still operating.

71polish 71

71 Oshawa polish

Polish Veteran’s Hall in Oshawa, Ontario. Current picture.

Early ’71 – Tour dates included the Melody Art Theater in Inkster, Michigan. Address was: 28765 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, M (10 miles west of Detroit). This theater was famous in the area for its XXX movies and nearby “message” businesses. Supposedly, the Alice Cooper band played there for several Sunday midnight shows. This place did have concerts for local bands (SRC, Woolies) between June of 71 and June of 72….but ACG is not listed at the motorcitymusicarchives as being one of the bands that played those shows.


March 6, 1971  – Virginia Rock Theater, Alexandria, Virginia – two shows. 601 First Street, Alexandria, VA. Theater closed in 1976 and demolished soon after.


circa 1975


Backstage – Virginia Theater

March 17, 1971 – at Sherwood Forest, Davison Michigan
Benefit show presented by CREEM Magazine…picture below:

71 cklw

‘Eighteen’ is rising to the top of the charts in Detroit

71sherwood march=====

   March 19, 1971 – Notre Dame University – Stepan Center, South Bend, Indiana

[Poor quality – incorrect sound]


March 19, 1971. Courtesy of John Podger


March 20, 1971 – Cyrus Erie West (w/Rain). 38871 Center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville, Ohio (near Cleveland). This venue appeared to have been in a strip mall. Both the building and the strip mall are gone.  One description for the March 1970 date states: “Alice Cooper, in black pantyhose and mascara, using a carbon dioxide tank to spray two pillows full of white feathers into audience.”

The Cyrus Erie club was originally called the Hullabaloo (I think there was about one half million clubs named that!) The name was changed in the late 60’s to support and push a local band called ‘Cyrus Erie’.


Thank you Patric Brzezinski

March 21, 1971 – Lucas County Rec Center. Toledo, Ohio. (w/Colonel Buster)

March 22, 1971– Greenmill Gardens, Findley, OH – Alice later heard to say it was “the worst place he ever played”. Built 1925, demolished 1978, it served as a roller rink for many years.

71greenmill gardens

March 24, 1971 – Valleydale Ballroom. Columbus, Ohio. Sunbury Road. With Osiris and Westside.

71 march 24 columbus

Thanks, Si


Ballroom still standing. Has been in use for 90 years. Just recently re-opened

March 26 or 27, 1971 –  Memorial University of Newfoundland. St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. In the Thompson Student Center. (Info from Janice Barto).


Two photos from the Memorial University student paper of the band….who were not that well received.


Is it me, or do they looked lost? March in Newfoundland…suffering from the cold I imagine.


From student paper. April 2, 1971. BAD Review


Thank you Janice Barto

March 28, 1971 – Capitol Theater, Springfield, MA. 204 Massachusetts Ave.

71capitol theater springfield,ma71springfield

“I went to this my 1st Alice Cooper concert, and my 1st concert featuring a national big-name band. There was an opening act, whose name I didn’t catch, but they were definitely a small local band. The Capitol was a very small, old converted movie theater with NO seats and a carpeted floor on the main level and a very small balcony. If i was to guess, i would say that the total capacity of the theatre was somewhere around 1200-1500 people. They only had concerts there from the Summer of 1970 to May of 1971. Sadly the theatre was razed about 30 years ago. A vivid memory of this show was Alice being led off stage by a woman in a nurse’s outfit (Cindy Smith) and coming back out in a straight jacket. I now know that the song was The Ballad Of Dwight Fry. “
(Ray Rivers, December 2007)

March 31,1971 – Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh,PA [Located at 719 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh] (w/ Spirit, Freeport) Built in 1928, this was a major venue in Pittsburgh during the swing and big band era. In 1964 the Beatles appeared here. In 1978 it became strictly a movie theater until 1987 when it was restored and became the Benedum Center.


Picture from the early 70s.

April 1971Eighteen is a HIT! The band were now making close to $15,000 a night. Note: A teacher’s average salary in 1970 was under $10,000 a year.

April 1,  1971 – Atlanta, GA, Municipal Auditorium (W/ Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station) 30 Courtland Street SE

171atlpress conf


Atlanta Municipal Auditorium in the 1950s. Building is now part of Georgia State University.





April 2, 1971 – Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, Florida (w/ Edger Winter.) Picture is from 1965. Building razed in 1993. 600 N. Ashley Drive Curtis Hixon Hall [below]

71 april 2 florida

Thanks Kooch Kutyla


April 6, 1971– Montgomery, AL, Garrett Coliseum (w/ Brownsville Station). Built in 1951, this site is still going strong hosting everything from tractor pulls, indoor football, & music concerts.



Three photos owned by Paul Brenton


Courtesy of Paul Brenton


Courtesy of Paul Brenton


April 9, 1971 – Billboard Magazine lists a show at the “Auditorium”  in Memphis, TN. (w/Amboy Dukes)

Poster taken from SickthingsUK

April 11th 1971 – Baton Rouge, LA, Independence Hall.

April 16, 1971 – Detroit, Olympia Stadium (w/ Steppenwolf, Lighthouse) 5920 Grand River Avenue, Detroit. Olympia (The Old Red Barn) was perhaps the most famous sports venue in Detroit. The building saw Joe Louis defend his title there many times. Musical giants like Elvis, the Beatles, and Glen Buxton performed there. However its main notoriety was being the home of the Detroit Red Wings. The building was torn down in 1987. Witness said the band played after Lighthouse and before Steppenwolf.


A picture of the Olympia in July of 1967….the time of the riots in Detroit. Monkees were cancelled.

Olympia in Detroit. April 16, 1971. Photo courtesy of Paul Brenton

April 17, 1971 – Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL (w/ Stooges, Jam Band) – Apparently there was a giant cross onstage. The Civic Opera House is located at 20 North Wacker Drive, Chicago. Built in 1921, it is used exclusively for operatic endeavors today.

A rather mediocre review.

71 chioperahouse========================================================

???April 21, 1971 – The Park, New Baltimore, Ohio
with SRC, Ormandy, Reginal True Rabbitt, Abu-Tala

This show is mentioned on a couple of sites. However, since the same lineup played on August 21 of this year….I am wondering if one of these two dates is a mistake. No tickets or poster found mentioning April 21 date.


April 23, 1971 – Met Center, Minneapolis, MN (w/ Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids and the Grassroots)

April 24, 1971 – Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH (w/ Mike Quattro’s Jam Band) 317 East Fifth Street. Built in 1928, Recently renovated into an all purpose venue. [Taft Theater today]

71 cincy-taft-theatre
April 27, 1971 – Caught In A Dream single released

I guess Dennis had to fly coach.

April 30, 1971– St. Louis Arena at ‘the Annex’ – 5700 Oakland Avenue. The Annex sat next to the larger St. Louis Arena. Destroyed in 1999. Apartment and hotel sites on the old site today. (w/ Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station, Mike Quatro Jam Band)


71st.louisArena with annex

‘Annex’ is the smaller building on the right

71stlouis bootleg

Cover off a bootleg CD from St. Louis show

71amboy dukes

Amboy Dukes

May 1, 1971 – Struthers Field House, OH (w/Brownsville Station, Velvet Underground and Biggy Rat) Location: 111 Euclid Street, Struthers, Ohio. In the early 70’s, The Fieldhouse was one of the largest indoor rock concert venues in the Youngstown, Ohio area. James Brown, The Velvet Underground, The Guess Who and Alice Cooper performed there. Built in 1950. Still standing.


Current picture


May 3, 1971 – Carnegie Hall, New York City (w/ Jackie Lomax) Show changed to 6th May at the Town Hall

May 6, 1971 – New York, NY Town Hall (w/ Holy Modal Rounders) (feathers clog up air conditioning?) The Town Hall is a performance space, located at 123 West 43rd Street, between Sixth Avenue and Broadway, in New York City. It opened on January 12, 1921, and seats approximately 1,500 people.

A review of this show mentions Alice having a snake on stage. If so it may have been Kachina, the bands first snake, which was owned and cared for by Neal Smith and Skip Ladd.

71may6 ny

71Ny-town-hall*There is a review of this show in the ‘Stories’ section.

Ashley Pandal (publicist) and Joe Greenberg. 1971. Photo by Monica Lauer.


May 7, 1971 Manato, MN, at the 4-H Skating Rink (w/ Brownsville Station)

May 8, 1971 Crookston, MN.????
May 9, 1971 Rapid City, SD?????

May 12,  1971 – Virginia Beach Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia


May 13, 1971 – Virginia Beach, The Dome (Press clipping exists dated 23rd May 1971 could suggest this was 23rd not 13th but that would clash with another show). “The Dome” (renamed the Alan B. Shepard Civic Center) was torn down in 1994 and….turned into a parking lot!

71 duo

May 14, 1971Indianapolis,IN Bush Stadium. Opened 1931 – closed 2001. Former sports stadium. The show was a daytime event.

71Bush_Stadium_IndianapolisPart of the above stadium has been retained and turned to an apartment complex. Located at: 1501 West 16th Street, Indianapolis.


May 15, 1971Grand Rapids, MI, Kentwood Roller Rink. Location: 14-52nd St. SE. The Roller Rink is still there – as of 2015. Eyewitness states: “Love It To Death LP…no extras re: stage objects. Snake. Silver suits. Alice hammering on the stage to the intro.”

71 grand rapids may15


May 16, 1971-Columbus, OH Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

 10576949_10201627565246020_8106385464603495243_n Screenshot_2


May 17, 1971– Lafayette, IN Jefferson High School [1801 South 18th Street, Indianapolis]. Axl Rose is an alumnus of this school, as is pro wrestler Dick the Bruiser. The current school buildings were opened in 1970 and are still being used.

71axl rose

Axl Rose


Dick the Bruiser

Jefferson High School Lafayette

Jefferson High School

May 18, 1971 – Chippewa Lake Park, Chippewa Lake, Ohio. Appreciation Day

71 may 18 ohio

May 19, 1971 – Baltimore, MD- Painter’s Mill (actually in Ownings Mill, MD). ? No listing of a concert for Alice Cooper. Alice/solo did play here in 1981. Perhaps a date error?

71paintersmill clapton

Eric Clapton playing at Painter’s Mill the same year.

May 21, 1971 – Saginaw, MI Saginaw Auditorium. 235 S. Washington Avenue.(w/The Third Power) Saginaw Auditorium opened in 1908 and was raised in 1972. Only the back part of the auditorium remains, as apartments. The remainder is a parking lot.


Very old picture of the auditorium.

May 23, 1971 – Philadelphia, PA Spectrum (w/ John Mayall, Mott The Hoople)


Built in 1967 – torn down in 2011


????May 28, 1971 Oklahoma City

May 29, 1971 – Fort Worth, TX Will Rogers Coliseum (w/ John Mayall, Brownsville Station) 3401 W. Lancaster Avenue. Coliseum is still in operation as a multifunctional venue.

71 ma31 mb

Michael Bruce 1971

71 will rogers

Will Rogers Coliseum

May 30, 1971– San Antonio, TX, Temple University  Joe Freeman Coliseum (w/John Mayall and Brownsville Station)


Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum. built in 1949 and still in use

May 31. 1971 – Houston, TX, Sam Houston Coliseum (w/ John Mayall, Brownsville Station)


71 may31 gb

GB – May 31, 71 (O. Gonzalez photo)


Sam Houston Coliseum

May 31, 1971 Texas Photo by Oscar Gutierrez

June 4, 1971– Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Flamin’ Groovies, Wild Man Fischer, Glass Harp)


Wildman Fischer

71june 4

A review found in the Fifth Estate, a free ‘underground’ newspaper founded by political activist John Sinclair.


June 5, 1971 – Eastown Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ The Flamin’ Groovies, Wild Man Fischer)



Pictured supposedly taken at the Eastown.

June 11-12, 1971 – New York, NY Fillmore East (The Final Concerts poster) (w/ Bloodrock,Glass Harp)

Bill Graham was never a big fan of the Alice Cooper band…thus his reluctance of putting them as headliners. According to then manager Joe Greenberg: Bill Graham’s exact words were: “Over my dead body will Alice Cooper play the Filmore! The only bands I hate as much as Alice Cooper are Iggy and the Stooges and the Illusion!!”  (Expletives deleted)


Marque. Note the date June 11-12 and Bloodrock.

71 fillmore june11


It seems Bill Graham gave Bloodrock not only top billing – but failed to put the bands name on the marque when announcing coming shows. It has been said that Graham was never a fan of the Alice Cooper band.

June 13, 1971 – Alexandria (or Falls Church), VA, Alexandria Roller Rink


Screenshot_1 (2)

Dennis Dunaway

  June 14, 1971 – South Amboy, NJ – The Scene

71 june

Circus Magazine – June 1971

June,  1971–  Canton, OH, Memorial Aud.

June 18, 1971  – Toledo, OH Toledo Sports Arena (w/ Amboy Dukes, Brownsville Station)


June 15th (or 19th), 1971 – Teen Scene ’71 Festival, Birmingham, AL Fairgrounds (w/ Ted Nugent, Mountain and others) Confusion about when this concert took place. Tickets differ on when Alice Cooper played.


1971-06-19 [Show Advert]————————

June 19, 1971 – Central Catholic High School. Allentown, PA. (w/Wax). No confirmation that band played other than newspaper build up in the area. Rockne Hall saw other rock performances at that time, so chances are good the band did play there. High school is still there and “in business”.


Thanks to Dale Sherman for “find”.


June 21, 1971 – Oak Lawn (Joliet), IL Inwood Skating Rink (Dex Card’s Wild Goose). Building now serves as a social club/church. Dax Card (radio dj) established several teen club’s in the south Chicago suburbs…several of them called ‘The Wild Goose’. When (deejay) Dex Card started his Wild Goose circuit-basically, he’d ask a club owner, “Hey, can I call your club the Wild Goose on Saturday?”-and local bands started playing all of his places. It was referred to as the Dax Card circuit. Photos by RC McWilliams

71 june IL71 oaklawn wildgoose june

                               1476527_735165949891331_2349404257703259984_n 10351308_735166473224612_1383928285642041230_n 10702028_735166419891284_6099941573425378112_n


June 22, 1971 – Wheeling, Illinois HS – w/White Lightning. Only “Dex Cards Wild Goose” show at the high school as proper documents for return shows would not be filed.

June 23, 1971 – Starwood Club, Schererville, Indiana, called the “Dex Cards Wild Goose Rock and Roll Club”

June 24, 1971 –  Elmhurst YMCA, Elmhurst, IL (w/ Lightning). Another “Dex Cards Wild Goose Rock and Roll Club”. A new YMCA still exists on the same spot today.


June 26, 1971 – Toronto, Beggar’s Banquet Festival, Borough Of  York Stadium (w/ Steppenwolf, Bread, BloodRock, Beach Boys, Lighthouse, Chilliwack, Old Rationals)


71 toronto

Photo from Toronto -71. Courtesy of Anne Bassano

71june toronto

Toronto 1971. Photo courtesy of Paul Brenton

June 27, 1971 North Tonawanda, NY, Melody Fair – Mentioned in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on May 23, 1971.

June 29, 1971 – Cyrus Erie West – North Ridgeville – Cleveland, OH (w/Jessup)


Somewhere on the LITD tour


June 30th 1971 – Canton, OH, Memorial Hall (w/ Ted Nugent and Amboy Dukes)

Article from Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper

June 30 to July 6, 1971 – International Youth Expo, The Kingsbridge Armory In The Bronx, New York, NY – Advert exists listing Alice Cooper playing ONE night between these dates but doesn’t specify which one. Built in 1917, the Kingsbridge Armory, also known as the Eighth Regiment Armory, is located on West Kingsbridge Road in the New York City borough of The Bronx.The armory covers about 5 acres of ground. Currently it is awaiting a major overhaul by the city if NY, and sees very little use. It is possibly the largest armory in the world. The band may have played on July 5th.

71kingsbridge inside

Inside armory.


Recent exterior view

71 bronx july 5

July 5th. In the Bronx.


July 1, 1971 – Passaic, New Jersey, Central Theater (w/ The Hampton Grease Band) Location: 19 Central Avenue, Passaic, NJ. Opened in 1940, torn down in 1972. A McDonald’s now sits on the site.  (Show was originally scheduled for June 25th)


 July 4, 1971– Asbury Park, NJ, The Sunshine Inn – This is where the legendary “Stone Pony” black and white footage was actually recorded. (w/James Gang) 904 Kingsley Street

71sunshine inn

Stone Pony video

71 summer

Summer of 1971. Photo by Larry Singer

71 july asbury park, nj part of write up from asbury park press

Part of the media build up for Asbury Park show. From Asbury Park Press.

July 6, 1971 – Roostertail Super Club, Detroit, MI (After show party at The Grande)

Roostertail – Set   <——–Click for Music

71 july16 roostertail

Photo by Charlie Auringer


71 july 4 71 wrif

The bootleg `Paracidal Slumbers’ was recorded in 1971 at the Roostertail Supper Club in Detroit and this is the date suggested, by Billboard.


Glen – 1971. Photo by Elliot Holceker

July 7, 1971 – (possibly the 5th) – Century II Convention Hall – Witchita, Kansas ( w/ Cactus and Grease Band)

July 9-10,  1971– Paramount Northwest, Seattle, WA (w/ Ze Whiz Kidz, Doily Brothers) 901 Pine St. Seattle. Opened in 1928 as a vaudeville-type theater. Also, at one time or another, it was called the Seattle Theater, or just The Paramount. By 1970, the theater/movie business had taken a down turn and the rights to the building were acquired by a company who would change its name to ‘Paramount Northwest’, use it for rock concerts. Pink Floyd, Kiss, the Guess Who and other bands played here from 1971 to 1976. By 1976, the theaters interior had been all but destroyed and the city government took control of the building, eventually redoing the interior to that of earlier times. The theater is still used as a music venue.



71july monica

Above photo of GB is from July of 1971. Thank you Monica Lauer

July 11, 1971 – Long Beach, CA Long Beach Auditorium/Convention Hall (w/ Black Oak Arkansas, Savage Grace)

Photo by Monica Lauer. Long Beach, Ca. July 11, 1971

A 15 year old Randy Rhoads, (along with original Quiet Riot bassist) Kelly Garni and older brother Kelle were in attendance at this show, and he pinpoints this concert as a pivotal moment in Randy’s decision to be a professional musician. Ironically enough, Tommy Aldridge was the drummer for Black Oak Arkansas, who would end up playing with Randy in Ozzy’s band a decade later.
Kelle Rhoads: “Another story that I think is important was me taking my brother to his first large scale concert. This has been written about, and it’s no secret, but I can’t tell you the impact this had on my brother. I told him, “we’re gonna go see Alice Cooper in Long Beach.” So him and Kelly Garni and me, Kelly Garni’s mom had to drive us, we were just kids. And we went down and we saw Alice Cooper touring for the Love It To Death show, and Black Oak Arkansas opened up for them. That band had a young teenage Tommy Aldridge as the drummer. Randy was blown away. Years later when he worked in the same band with him, Randy had told him about seeing him at that show.
Anyway, after Alice Cooper was done, my brother just turned white, and he was just staring at the stage, the concert was long over. And I think what happened that day was a light went off, and he got the idea that he could do this too. That was where I pinpoint him going, “I can actually make this my living. I can really do this. This is what I want to do. This is all I have to do.” And I think that July 11,1971 was when that happened for him.“
(from ‘Stripped: The Unlikely Rise of the Hollywood Rock Underground’ – Thom Hazaert 2009)
*Other stories referencing Randy Rhoads center on his admiration for the guitar work of Glen Buxton. Of course, by the time this story was ‘developed’, the spin was shifted to Rhoads’ admiration for ‘Alice Cooper’.

71longbeach 71Municipal-Auditorium-300x237


Coming out Party in Hollywood

July 14 at the Ambassador Hotel in LA.

Bastille Day Party


Two of the Cockettes (a psychedelic theater group) act as female escorts.

Michael, Glen, and ‘escort’.


71 amabassador hotel coming out

Coming Out Party!  Photo by Monica Lauer

Minolta DSC

Ambassador Hotel just before it closed in 2004. Since demolished. Site of Robert Kennedy assassination in 1968

Photo donated by Monica Lauer – lady in the photo

For more photos by Monica Lauer of ”The Coming Out Party”

Click Here

July , 1971– According to Me, Alice, the band receive their first royalty checks of $8,000 each.

July 13, 1971 – Oklahoma City, OK Fairgrounds Arena


71okarena 1964

1974 view of OK Fairgrounds Arena

July 16, 1971 – Brothers Club, Aberdeen, WA (a show in Boise, Idaho was cancelled). ? No information found about this venue.

July, 1971 – Findlay, Ohio Greenmill Gardens (Michael Bruce absent as he was in hospital in Detroit with bad ulcers) This was the bands second visit to Greenmill Gardens. See March 22, 1971



July 1971. Courtesy Anders Mossberg

July 19, 1971 – Ottawa Civic Centre (w/ Black Sabbath,  Yes ) Location: 1015 Bank Street. The Ottawa Civic Centre is part of Landsdowne Park. Today the Civic Centre is now called TD Place Arena…a combination hockey arena and outdoor sports field.


Outside view of the Ottawa Civic Center

71 july


Photo by Artie King



July 21, 1971– Philadelphia Spectrum (w/ Black Sabbath, Humble Pie). Built in 1966. Now called the Wachovia Spectrum. The band will play here again in 1973.

71spectrum july71Spectrum1

July 22–23, 1971 – Peoria, IL,’The Barn’ (w/ Brownsville Station) Jay Goldberg got into the business in the late 1960s, deciding to sell concert tickets out of a record store he owned. But there were not that many concerts to sell tickets for, so he and business partner Bill Love in the early 1970s started bringing artists to The Barn, an old horse stable on Galena Road. Over the years Goldberg has attracted everyone from Jethro Tull to the Allman Brothers to Alice Cooper to venues around town. ‘The Barn’ no longer exists.


July 28,  1971– Gaelic Park. The Bronx (W/ Black Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas) Since 1926 the grounds has been used as the venue for Gaelic sports in New York, and since its purchase by Manhattan College in 1991 it has hosted numerous American college athletic events. Building and sports field renovated in 2007.

71-box-office-concert-poster-new-york-alice- 71gaelic 71gaelicpark ny 71gaelicpark

Late July or Early August – 1971 – Schererville, Indiana – Starwood Club. Return engagement (see June 23). May have played two nights.

August ’71 Show on Boston Common, Boston, MA as part of the “Sunset Series”

August 8, 1971 – Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio (w/ Black Sabbath and Edgar Winter’s White Trash (who replaced originally scheduled Humble Pie) Location: 2250 Seymour Avenue. Beatles performed here in ’64 and later the Rolling Stones, Elvis and the Jackson 5 were there. A multisport arena, most often used now as an ice hockey venue and for indoor football. Built in 1949.

71cincy gardens13902566_10205638591078804_4942444358471180167_n

Aug `71–  Killer recorded.

August 20, 1971 – Indiana Beach (Lake Shafer) Monticello, Indiana.


TY – Patrick Brzezinski

Aug 21, 1971 – The Park, N. Baltimore, OH (w/ SRC, Reginal True Rabbitt, Ormandy, Abu-Tala) – Reported that Michael Bruce missed this show.


Poster by Gary Grimshaw who did a lot of poster art in the Detroit area.

222329_210537102311137_5300173_n 521861_536848156346695_621303831_n

(Picture at right – not AC band on stage)



August 21, 1971 – Boston, MA, Part of the “Sunset Series on the Common”.  Photo exists. Band played during daylight. Not sure of date. Band may have also played a softball game earlier in the day.


    Aug 22, 1971 – Lake Milton  Festival, Lucas County Recreation Center, Maumee, Ohio. w/ Brownsville Station -Bob Seger, Teegarden & VanWinkle, Chuck Berry, LAW, Catfish Hodge, Ted Nugent/Amboy Dukes) 1800 Key St. Maumee, OH

71 lake milton mike whitlow

Reportedly a picture of Alice Cooper performing at Lake Milton

Aug 23, 19’71 – Barberton, Ohio, Barberton Speedway Rock Concert (w/ Catfish, Marblecake, Glass Harp, Eli Raddish, Purple Image, 15-60-75, Witch Hazel, Mantissa, Mint )

71barberton august

Barberton Speedway – Ohio

Aug 27, 1971 – Wilmington, DE at the Hotel DuPont Playhouse, – Did 2 shows in one night. The beautiful hotel and stage still is in business.

Aug 28, 1971– Wildwood, NJ, Wildwood Convention Center


Sept 7, 1971 – Recording at RCA Studios, Chicago. According to contract, songs worked on were Desperado, Halo Of Flies and Under My Wheels

Sept 9, 1971–  Oklahoma City (mentioned in Zig Zag article)

71 killerBathroom/Shower?


Sept (11?) 1971-Tampa, FL Fairgrounds


Neal, Glen, and Alice – backstage somewhere. Probably 1971


72 rolling stone magazine


Sept 12, 1971– Hollywood, FL Sportatoreum (w/ MC-5 & others)

The Hollywood Sportatorium was an indoor arena in Pembroke Pines, Fl, located at 17171 Pines Blvd (originally 16661 West Hollywood Boulevard). Built in 1969 Demolished in 1993. During its 18 years of operation, it was the only venue of its kind in heavily populated South Florida. Homes and a shopping center sit on the former site.


Inside view of Sportatorium in 1980’s.

[Sept 13-14 – Berkeley Theater, California. In support of Led Zeppelin. Did not occur! Zeppelin was doing 3 hour sets at this time…no need for opening band or co-headliners]

Sept 16, 1971University of Waterloo. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. (W/ Commander Cody and Lost Planet Airmen). Venue: Physical Education Centre

71, sept 16

Performance contract for show at Univ of Waterloo. Thanks to Si Halley

Sept 17,  1971 – Brian Timmis Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario. Sports Center built in the 1960s. Stadium recently removed and replaced with a larger stadium.

Sept 18, 1971 – Louisville, KY, Browns Theatre (w/ Buster Brown Band)

Sept 19, 1971 – Richmond, VA, The Gym At Virginia Commonwealth University (w/ Goose Lake Symphony)

Sept 20, 1971 – Scranton Armory, Scranton, Pennsylvania [Date on Itinerary]

Built in 1900! Still in use today as a National Guard Center.


Sept 21, 1971– Convention Hall, Grove City, Pennsylvania [Date on Itinerary]

Sept 22, 1971 – Peoria, IL The Barn (w/ Mike Quattro’s Jam Band) Second show at this venue – this year?

Sept 24-25,  1971 – Winterland, San Fanscisco (w/ Cold Blood, Glass Harp)

71 pre

Full right sleeve, so pre-Copenhagen


Review of show in SF Examiner. I enlarged part of it below article.

Sept 28, 1971– Under My Wheels/Desperado released

71 pontiac cindy

A picture taken at the Pontiac farm by Cindy Dunaway. (1971). Notice Neal is feeding Glen.


 A rather poor and incorrect write up found in the Akron Beacon Journal’s September 28, 1971 newspaper.

Oct 2, 1971 A. N. Jorgensen Auditorium, Storrs, Mansfield, CT (w/ Dennis Stoner)

Oct 16, 1971 – Lebanon Valley College. (w/Big City Music Band) May have been part of the colleges’ Homecoming week.


Courtesy of Ron Haholy.

Oct 17, 1971 – Toledo Ohio. State Theater. This Sunday date is questionable.

Managers Shep Gordon and Joe Greenberg (circa 71/72)

Oct 19, 1971 – Irving, TX Danny Veno Auditorium. Supposedly there was a bootleg recording made of this show.

Oct 21,  1971– Alice Cooper band arrives in London

71 shirt

Cindy holding her creation – Glen’s Jolly Roger costume from 1971-2


GB in 71 – complete right sleeve. Before ”tussle” with glass door in Copenhagen


gb with cut right sleeve


Oct 25, 1971 – Copenhagen, Denmark Tivoli (w/ Tea). Tivoli Gardens (or simply Tivoli) is a famous amusement park Copenhagen, Denmark. The park opened on 15 August 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world.
A Bremen show is mentioned, but it could be referring to the Beat Club TV show which had Breman connections.
`Beat Club` TV appearance filmed and broadcast featuring `18`


Entrance to Tivoli Gardens

71oct25 copenhagen jordan angel

Jordan Angel photograph from Copenhagen

Oct 26, 1971– Alice Cooper leaves Denmark for Germany and records the performance on German show ‘Beat Club’

I guess this performance was done before GB’s right sleeve was shortened. See photos below.

71europeGlen w/arm bandaged – post Amsterdam

Oct 27, 1971 – Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderhalle (w/ Procol Harem, Heads Hands and Feet). Jahrhunderthalle is a convention center located in Frankfurt, Germany. The hall, which was designed by architect Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer, opened in 1963.

Skip Ladd Story
“In 1971 I carried Alice off stage on my shoulder. Shep Gordon had me dress up in a Warner Brothers gorilla outfit and said you can play it one of two ways. Either play a casual nonchalant gorilla, or a mean swinging side to side gorilla. I played the latter. German kids would say “Look behind You! Look behind You!” In English and German. Alice was throwing posters out into the audience. I’m sweating up a storm under the stage lights that were flown in from England for the gig. Alice and I get into a pushing match and I just picked him up and carried him to the wings of the stage for Alice to give the final direction to end the song. The lights went out and the crowd called him back out for two more encores. The next day Neal was talking to the press at the Continental Hyatt House and they were wondering who the Gorilla was.” (Skip Ladd, May 2000)


Jahrhunderhalle – Frankfort

Oct 28,  1971– Alice Cooper arrives in Holland


Oct 29, 1971 – Amsterdam, Holland Concertgebouw (w/ B.P. Mense ). A concert hall in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Dutch term “concertgebouw” literally translates into English as “concert building”. Built in 1888.


Original by Laurens Van Houten

71 octConcertgebouw in 2011

During the band’s stop in Amsterdam, Glen got his right arm tangled in a revolving door and needed stitches. Thus the arm in a sling below.acg - arm.

Oct 30, 1971 – Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus (w/ Tea). The Volkshaus, which is located in Zürich, Switzerland, is a multifunctional building with a 1,200-seat concert hall at its core.


Nov 2, 1971 – Paris, France Pierre Cardin Theatre
Originally scheduled to be the Olympia but venue management wouldn`t allow them in, Omar Sharif, Bianca Jagger and Alain Delon in the audience) – French communist agitators smashed their way into the Cardin Theatre causing disruption.

71 nov paris peter stone

Nov, 71 Paris. Photo by Peter Stone

Ron Volz (roadie) – “By the second song the place was so packed that the audience was forced against the stage and the people outside that were locked out drove a car through a giant window in the lobby downstairs. Crazy Gig!!”

71nov2 france

November 2, France. Appears to be manager Joe Greenberg at far left center. Photo by Peter Stone


paris patric b

2014. Dennis next to statue of Pierre Cardin…near the theatre. Photo by Patric Brzezinski

Nov 4, 1971 – Birmingham, England Mayfair Suite(Original venue was The Kinetic Circus) – First UK appearance

Nov 5, 1971– Records ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ TV Show

71 nov5


Old Grey Whistle Test – Color/BW. Photo possibly by Alan Messer


Old Grey Whistle Test – Alan Messer

71 nov5

Screen grab to show injury to Glen’s arm sustained in battle with glass door in Amsterdam. 🙂



                                                          MB AND GB IN LONDON

Nov 7, 1971 – London, England Rainbow Theatre (w/ Arthur Brown, Roger Ruskin Spear) (Bowie in audience) – 1st show to feature a snake (Neal’s snake Kachina as seen on the cover of ‘Killer’).


71london rainbow

Backstage at the Rainbow

The Rainbow Theatre (originally Astoria Theatre) is a building in Finsbury Park, London, England. Built as a cinema in 1930, it later became well known as a music venue and is now a Pentecostal church.


Rainbow Theatre in London


72john levicke

GB and DD . Photo by John Levicke


Nov 9, 1971 – Band leaves London.

16 mag

From 16 Magazine

November 10, 1971 – Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida. (w/Duckbutter and local band, Rush)

71 nov, fl

Band arrives back in states after Europe tour

Nov 25, 1971 – Morris Civic Auditorium – South Bend, Indiana (w/Jonathan Round) [Possible a warm up show for the upcoming Killer tour]

Nov 26, 1971 – The Spectrum – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Kinks)

Ad from the Philadelphia Inquirer

*Nov 27, 1971 Killer released


*Me Alice: Approximately here, the band fly to New York and move into a 42 room Galesi Estate mansion in Greenwich Connecticut.

galesi 9 galesi e3 galesi8

Above: Two exterior views of the Galesi Estate in Connecticut…and a photo of Glen’s bed.


The gang inside Alice’s bathroom. Thank you Cindy and Dennis

71 estate

The guys enjoying some tofu treats sent over by neighbor Bette Davis.

gelesi1 (2) gelesi1 (3) Outside view of house and another picture in dining area


Nov 27, 1971–  Saginaw Auditorium (warm up show)(w/ Guardian Angel, Old Rationals)

71hollywood palladium

Jolly Roger shirt


Dec 1, 1971– New York, NY Academy of Music (w/ Dr John) – First show with Alice in the classic ‘clown’ make up. First Gallows appearance.
This venue, formerly a theater at E.14th Street near Irving Place, was called the Palladium after 1985.  It was torn down in 2001. 71 dec nyc

Photo by Len Delessio


This was December 1, 1971 at the One Fifth Avenue Hotel. Photo by Len DeLessio.

72march palladium nyc

Dec 3, 1971 – New Orleans, LA – Municipal Auditorium


Photo by Mike Allen or Artie King

Dec 4, 1971 – Orlando, FL, Kemp’s Coliseum

71kemp dec

Dec 5, 1971 – Baton Rouge, LA Independence Hall/Hotel


Photo from Killer fan package

Newspaper ad from Baton Rouge State Times

Plane ride to or from????


Dec 8, 1971– Columbus, OH Ohio Theatre

71 killer

Glen on stage during Killer tour

Dec 10, 1971 – Indianapolis, IN (Fairgrounds) Coliseum (w/ Canned heat, Dr John, Pure Praire League, REO Speedwagon)


Alice and Glen. Late 1971???

Dec 11, 1971 – Dayton, OH Hare Arena (w/ Cactus and Atomic Rooster)


Dec 12, 1971 – Toledo, OH Sports Arena(w. Bob Seger)

71alice2 Screenshot_2


December 12, 1971 Toledo, Ohio. Backstage. Photo by Monica Lauer. (Reggie Vincent to the lest of Alice. Dennis is far left.)

Dec 13-14, 1971 – Chicago ,IL Civic Auditorium (w/ Dr. John, Poco, Humble Pie)

71 december chicago

Chicago. December, 1971 Reggie Vincent and Glen. Photo – Ed Klinkenberg

71 dec 14 chicago12/14/71 Thank you Monica Lauer (yet again )

71-late 1971 or early 72. Gibson SG Deluxe brown

Glen, holding poster. Late 71 or early 72. Killer tour. Has brown Gibson SG Deluxe

Dec 16, 1971 – Kansas City, MO Cowtown Theatre (ad. says Cowtown Ballroom. Two shows.

71 shirt

Somewhere? 1971

Dec 17, 1971 – St. Louis, MO St. Louis Arena

  71stlouis dec

Dec 18, 1971 – LC Walker Arena. 955 Fourth Street Muskegon, MI?????71lcwalker

Dec 19, 1971 – Detroit, MI Cobo Hall (w/ Dr John The Night Tripper, White Trash (Edgar Winter) – John Sinclair is said to have dropped in during AC’s Set

250176 - cobo hall

Cobo Hall , Detroit.


A not so good photo of the band playing at Cobo. Sorry – no Glen

71dec cobo

Alice Glen backstage at the Cobo. (Photo supplied by Steven Crayn) Photo by Robert Matheu

Dec 19, 1971 – Detroit

71 dec

Gelesi Estate, CT

71 xmas

Around Christmas time 1971. At the Cooper Mansion. Back row (l-r) Mike Roswell, Joe Greenberg, Shep Gordon, Cindy Smith, Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton. Front (l-r) Mike Graham, Ron Volz, Neal Smith, Ashley Pandel, Michael Bruce

71 Dec Neal and Joe. Monica photo

Photo by Monica Lauer. Neal and Joe Greenberg. Dec 1971

Dec 25-26,  1971 – Miami, FL Pirates World. Pirates World was an 100-acre  pirate-themed amusement park in Dania, Florida, that opened in 1967. Developed by Recreation Corporation of America, it was located on the north side of Sheridan Street, east of US 1. Closed in 1973….killed off by the opening of disney World in 1971. Site is now covered with condos.

71 pirates world larrysinger

Photo by Larry Singer


Pirates World – Florida

71 larry singer pirates world

Larry Singer photo. Close up of Glen

Dec 27, 1971 – Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena “Christmas Shower of Stars” (w/J. Geils, Bloodrock, Manassas). Supposedly there is a bootleg CD of this show.

71AD_12-1971-alice_cooper71pittsburgh7171 BobGruen_Bob Gruen photo

71dec25 pits post-gazette for pitts show on 27th of dec 1971

From the December 25th Pittsburgh Post-Gazette concerning the Dec 27th show

Dec 28, 1971 –  Akron, OH, Civic Auditorium

Ad from Akron Beacon Journal, the day before the concert.

71 dec 25. beacon journal for 28th show

Clipping from the Dec 25, 1971 Akron Beacon Journal newspaper.

71 dec 28 akron

71 p

GB 1971

Dec 29, 1971 – Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Public Hall (w/ J Geils Band, Sha Na Na, Cactus)

71 dec ohio



Courtesy of Ron Haholy. Cleveland newspaper ad

[*Someone noticed that the above article declares that Vince had legally changed his name to ‘Alice Cooper’. This was three years before the actual legal name change occurred! Would love to know how, and from whom, the author of this article got that bit of false information?]

Dec 30, 1971 – Ottawa Civic Center (Postponed until Jan 1st – band stuck in Cleveland by storm) Glen might have visited his grandmother in Akron during the delay.

71 dec

Poster or handbill from cancelled event in Ottawa

71 dec 24 ottawa

Dec 31, 1971 – Toronto, Canada, Ontario Maple Leaf Gardens, Winter Pop Festival (w/ Edgar Winter/White Trash, Dr John, Sundance, Chilliwack, Crowbar)


71dec toronto71 dec maple leaf Maple Leaf Gardens is a National Historic Structure in Canada. Built in 1931 it has been the long time home of the Toronto Maple Leafs (ice hockey) as well as a venue for music, boxing and wrestling.

71 toronto 71toronto gardens


26169377_1560874450674720_6559526070211387952_n 26196118_1560885454006953_3301668572378108124_n 26196270_1561637273931771_8226680268369469491_n 26219325_1561017780660387_9163094084030504584_n 26239459_1560602637368568_4350653371904234799_n 26730788_1560477414047757_4212716957598555522_n

71from mick mashbir

Photo by Mick Mashbir

71from mick mashbir2

Photo by Mick Mashbir

Photo by David Griffith – 1971