Janice about Glen


“He had an almost compulsive appeal for WC Fields and used his quotes as often as possible.
He had an innate sense of humor and loved playing with words a-la Slip Mahoney(Bowery Boys). “That dimunendo is most staccato.”
He loved the movie West Side Story. That should be obvious from the references in the Alice Cooper music.
He loved Jim Morrison, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Les Paul, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, and many others.
He liked watching boxing and was honored and overcome with wonder when he was able to meet “Ali-the Greatest.”
He loved photography, explosives (large firecrackers), guns, switchblades, astronomy, building models, antiques, Betty Boop, Wallace and Ladmo, old cars, old movies, cartoons, Mad magazine, trivia, and his favorite pastime of all, watching old television shows. He loved Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, etc. One of his very favorite newer shows was The Wonder Years. He also liked Beavis and Butthead.
Glen kept journals and he would write down quotes from shows that intrigued him or ones he thought were funny. Then he would play with them until they became his own. He put his own twists and turns on them. One I found in a journal was, “If my brain was lard, it wouldn’t grease a very big pan.”
I could go on and on…”





Riding with Peter Tork?….or The Day Glen Buxton Almost Became a Monkee!


January 21, 1967. The still rather western-themed town of Phoenix, Arizona has been over-run by the pre-fab four known as The Monkees. The musical TV stars had come to town a day early to create some film that would show what it is like to put on a concert; film they would use on one of their TV episodes later that year. Lots of local scenes were shot including Mike Nesmith’s trip to Christown Mall (were the Earwigs had performed a couple of years earlier) in order to buy – what else – a rifle.
On Saturday, the day of the show, our local heroines, Miss Janice and her trusty sidekick Cheryl, got ready to make their way to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum to see this merry band of young musicians work – and see if they could really play their instruments as they claimed. Now, our gals were only 13 at the time (Janice a month short of 14), so, while they had procured tickets, they needed assistance in getting to the venue which was seven or eight miles from the Buxton home. Assistance would be provided by Janice’s older brother, Glen, who would drive the girls to the Coliseum (at 19th Ave and Encanto), drop them off and then proceed to the VIP Club (7th St and Indian School Road) where his band, the locally popular ‘Spiders’, had a gig.
Now – Glen decided to use the family’s brand new ’67 Chevy to drive the two girls to their Monkee’s concert. So, setting the scene, we now have Glen, sporting his blond mop-top hairdo and driving a brand new car, pulling up in front of the venue where the popular Monkees will play and fans awaiting their appearance. You may recall that the Monkees  happened to have a bass player by the name of Peter Tork, who had a head of blond hair similar to Glen’s. As Janice and Cheryl exit the car, a group of nearby young girls “discovered” that one of their musical idols, of the TV screen, was sitting in a shiny new car just a few feet away. Of course, screams of “Peter, Peter” ring out. Naturally, our unabashed hero Glen, simply drives away, no doubt laughing hysterically, as the girls chase after the car. Janice was left standing there muttering, “It isn’t Peter – it’s just my brother, Glen!”



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