1969 – 1970


Jan 2-5           Whiskey A-Go-Go – Hollywood, CA w/ Led Zeppelin
Jan 6-8           Whisky A-Go-Go – Hollywood, CA w/ Buddy Miles
Feb 19-23      Whiskey A-Go-Go – Hollywood, California w/ Linda Ronstadt
March 7-8       IDES Hall – Haywood, CA
March 14        White Room – Buena Park, California
March 15        Cal State Univ. Fullerton, California w/ Frank Zappa
March 16        Speedway Meadows – Golden Gate Park w/ MC5
March 27-29   Thee Experience – LA, California w/ Slim Harpo
March 30         Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, California

Early April         Hollywood Palladium – (Pop Expo), Hollywood, CA

April 18            Agrodome – Vancouver, British Columbia w/ Frank Zappa
April 19            Seattle Center Arena – Seattle, Washington w/ Frank Zappa
April 25-26 (?)   Paramount Theater – Phoenix, AZ
May ?                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/MC5

May 2                Old Mill – Ogden, Utah.

May 7                Kelker Junction, Colorado Springs, CO,                                            Concert Hall
May 16-17        Black Dome – Cincinnati, Ohio
May 20              Kinetic Playground, Chicago, Illinois
May 23              Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona w/Iron Butterfly
May 30-31         Electric Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
June 1                Electric Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
June 3                Salt Lake City, Utah
June 6-7            Felt Forum – New York City, New York
June 11-12        Steve Paul’s Scene – New York City, New York w/The Platters
June 13              Electric Factory – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 14-16        Steve Paul’s Scene – New York City, New York
June 21              Toronto Pop Festival – Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario
June 27-29         Denver Pop Festival – Denver, CO (Did NOT SHOW)
June 27-29         Boston Tea Party – Boston, MA

July 1                   Central Theater, Passaic, N.J
July 3                   Reed’s Ranch – Colorado Springs, CO
July 4                   New York Pop Festival – Roosevelt Raceway, New York
July 5                   Saugatuak Pop Festival – Michigan
July 9                   Dubuque, Iowa, Senior High Gymnasium
July 11-12           Kinetic Playground – Chicago, IL
July 13                 Tyrone Guthrie – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (w/ Zappa and the Mothers)
July 25                 Seattle Pop Festival – Seattle, Washington (w/Led Zeppelin)
July 26                 Euguene Pop Festival – Haywood Field – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
July 27                 Eugene Armory – Eugene, OR (w/Steve Miller Band)
July 29-30           Masonic Temple – Portland, Oregon (w/Steve Miller Band)
August 3             Sportsman’s Park – Mount Clemens, MI
August 8-9          Eastown Theater – Detroit, Michigan
August 13           Wonderland Gardens – London, Ont, Canada (w/ Frank Zappa, Arthur Brown)
August 21           Eugene Armory – Eugene, Oregon
August 22-24      Vancouver Pop Festival – Squamish, BC
August 26           The Carrawee Ballroom – Flatrock, Michigan
August 30           The Silverbell Club – Clarkston, Michigan
August 30           Salem, Oregon State Fair (poster made – but questionable performance)
August 31           Galaxii, CNE – Toronto, Ontario
Sept 13                Rock and Roll Revival Festival – Toronto, Ont
Sept 14                Toledo Pop Festival, Raceway Park – Toledo, Ohio
Sept ?                  Max’s Kansas City – New York, New York (w/ The Turtles)

Sept 26               Gilligan’s Club – Buffalo, NY
October 4           Convention Center – Las Vegas, Nevada.  Two shows.
October 10         Grande Riviera – Detroit, Michigan (band may not have played)
October 11         Grande Riviera – Detroit, Michigan (w/ The Who)
October 24         Winterland – San Francisco, CA (w/ Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead)
October 30         Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (w/ Ike & Tina Turner)
October 31         Black Arts Rock ‘n’ Roll Show – Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI (Did NOT SHOW)
Nov 1                   Grande Riviera – Detroit, MI. (Appears this never occurred)
December 29      Chicago Pop Festival – Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
December 31      Masonic Temple Auditorium – Toronto, Ontario (aka: The Rock Pile)

January 2-3           Eastown Theater – Detroit, Michigan
January 16-17       Rose Palace – Pasadena, California (w/Eric Burdon and War)
January 29            Fillmore Market – Toronto, Ontario (w/Little Richard)
January 30-31      Eastown Theater – Detroit, Michigan (w/Stooges)
Feb 20-21             The Birmingham Palladium – Birmingham, Michigan

March 7                Five Stages – Chicago, IL
March 13              Walkerville Collegiate – Windsor, Ontario, Canada
March 28              Ludlow’s Garage – Cincinnati, Ohio
April 5                   Grandmothers – East Lansing, Michigan

April 10                 Rainy Daze – Chesterfield, MO
April 17                 Rondeau Pavilion, Rondeau Park, Ontario
April 19                 Minneapolis Labor Temple – Minneapolis, MN
April 26                 Cow Palace – San Francisco, California
April or May         St Aquinas High School – Southgate, MI
May 8-9                The Birmingham Palladium – Birmingham, Michigan
May 9                    Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA (w/Eric Burdon and War)
May 16                  New Old Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
May 24                  Piper Rock Festival – Nelson Ledges Racetrack – Garrettsville, Ohio
June 1                    Festival Of Man Earth – Thunderbird Beach, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 5-7                Electric Circus, Toronto, Ontario
June 13                 Cincinnati (Ohio)Pop Festival [aka Midsummer Rock Festival]- Crosley Fields, (Pie in Face)

June 21                The Depot – Minneapolis, MN
June 24                 Sherwood Forest – Davison, Michigan (w/ The Amboy Dukes)
June 27                 Michigan State Fairground – Detroit, Michigan (Mid-Summer Rock Fests).

June 30                  Rainy Daze – Chesterfield, MO
July 4                     Midsummers Night Rock Fest- State Fairgrounds, Detroit, Michigan
July12:                   The Factorie Ballroom – Waterford, Michigan
July 18                   Terrace Ball Room – Salt Lake City, Utah (Band did not show)
July 23                   Chicago Underground – Warren, Michigan
July 24                   The Newcoast Festival – W. Nottingham, PA
July 25                   The International Room – Flint, Michigan (General Motors Institute)
August 7 or 8       Strawberry Fields Festival, Mosport Park, Toronto, Ontario
August 9               Goose Lake Park- Jackson, Michigan (Band probably did not play)
August 12             Central States Rock Festival- Fairgrounds, Rapid City, South Dakota
August 14-15        Eastown Theater – Detroit, Michigan
August 25              Medicine Ball Caravan Show – Washington, DC, L’Enfant Square,
August 29              Action House – Island Park, NY (Near Long Beach)
August 30              Sound Storm II – Big County Ranch Resort, PA (questionable)
September 2-5      Ungano’s – New York, NY
September 8-9      Max’s Kansas City, New York (Ezrin story)
September 18       Rainy Daze, St Louis, Missouri
September 19       The Warehouse – New Orleans, Louisiana
September 27       String Factory – Richmond, Virginia
October 9-10         Eastown Theater – Detroit, Michigan
October 16            Grand Valley Armory – Grand Rapids, Michigan
October 17            Memorial Gym – Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois
October 31            Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI Bowen Field House (band was a no show)
Nov 1                      The Frut Palace – Mount Clemens, Michigan
Nov. 6-7                  Dewey’s – Madison, WI
Nov 17                    Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom Homecoming Dance, UCLA (LA)
Nov 20                    Auditorium Theater – Chicago, Illinois

Nov 21                   U of D Memorial Bldg. Univ of Detroit. (w/Jane Fonda) ???
Nov 25                    Fairground Coliseums, Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 27                    The Syndrome – Chicago, Illinois
Dec 7                       Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Virginia
Dec 11                     The Loft – Lakeville, Michigan
Dec 25-26               Eastown Theater, Detroit, Michigan
Dec 27                     Toledo Sports Arena – Toledo Ohio
Dec 31                     The Coliseum – Chicago, Illinois (w/The Byrds)