Brief List of Tour Dates

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The following is a brief list of shows Glen, the Earwigs, Spiders, Nazz, and Alice Cooper performed in from 1964-1974. No claim to 100% accuracy is made. The list was made by consulting the timelines found on the SickthingsUK website, the Alice Cooperechive site, and using my own research. Some of the shows listed are questionable and are marked with a (?). Some of those possible shows were listed on an itinerary list used by Si Halley at SickthingsUK. (Notice, those have no venue named)


Spring (May?)   Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ – Letter Talent Show (EARWIGS)
Sept/Oct            Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ – Lunch Time performances by the band

October 23        Pit and the Pendulum Dance , Cortez High School, Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 17              “Bunny Hop” at Ukranian Hall – Phoenix, AZ
Late 64               Dunes Lounge- Phoenix, AZ (near High School)
Late 64               Perform on local TV show “It’s Wallace” – Phoenix, AZ (Early 1965?)
January?             Lisa Hawks, Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party, Phoenix, Arizona
Feb 9                   Talent Show at Washington Grade School
April 30 (?)          Perform at Christown Mall Talent show – Phoenix, AZ (date is not positive)
May?                   Second Lettermen Talent Show – Cortez High School
June 1                 Village Inn Pizza – Phoenix, Arizona
Sept 4                 VIP Club, Phoenix, AZ. (BAND IS NOW ‘THE SPIDERS’)
Dec 11                Phoenix Art Museum
***Band played a lot of shows at the VIP Club. Basically becoming the house band. Weekend gigs
January 15         Phoenix Star Theater, Phoenix, Arizona
August 21          Thrift City, Tucson, Arizona
Oct or Nov         Dance at Brophy College Prep School – [Lunchroom] Phoenix, AZ
Feb 4                   Tucson VIP – Tucson, AZ
Feb 11                 VIP – Phoenix, AZ
Feb 25                 VIP – Phoenix, AZ
Feb ?                    Phoenix Memorial Coliseum (w/Byrds)
March 4              VIP Club, Tucson, Arizona
March 11            State Fairgrounds Phoenix, AZ (w/Turtles)
March 16            Tucson VIP
March 26            Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California
March 28            Gazzarri’s on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, California
April 7                 VIP – Phoenix, AZ (THE BAND IS NOW CALLED THE NAZZ)
April/May            Hullabaloo Club, Los Angeles, California, USA (2 nights)
May?                    Gallup, New Mexico
May?                    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Glen’s sister remembers the shows being at schools)
June?                    Gazzarri’s – LA Sunset Strip
August 22-26      Cheetah Club – Venice, California (w/The Watts, 103rd Street Rhythm Band)
August 27            Cheetah Club – Venice, CA (w/Doors)
Sept 1-2               Cheetah Club – Venice, California (w/Buffalo Springfield)
Sept ?                   Mad Hatter – Scottsdale, AZ

Sept 23  Phoenix State Fair grounds
Oct 27-29             Cheetah Club – Los Angeles, California
Nov 17-19            Cheetah Club – Los Angeles, California (w/Clearlight)
Nov 26                  Whisky – LA, California (w/Procul Harum)
Dec 20-24             Cheetah Club – LA, California (w/Chambers Brothers)
Jan/Feb                  Shows in and around Phoenix
March 16              Earl Warren Showgrounds – Santa Barbara, California (w/ Blue Cheer)
March 27              Thee Experience – Los Angeles, California (Now: ALICE COOPER)
March ?                 Cheetah – Venice, CA.
April 3                    Cheetah – Venice, CA
April 5(?)                Alice Cooper Club – Phoenix, AZ (lasts two weekends – then closes)
April (?)                  Kaleidoscope – Los Angeles, California (possibly 21st or 28th, or 5th May)
May 1                    Cheetah – Venice, California
May 23                  Phoenix Memorial Hall, Phoenix, AZ (w/ Iron Butterfly)
May 24                  Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 1                    Lake Berryessa Bowl – Lake Berryessa, CA
June 24                  Whisky-A-Go-Go, Hollywood, California w/ Ten Years After
June 27                  Wrigley Stadium, Los Angeles, California w/ Frank Zappa, Grass Roots
July 14                    Cheetah – Venice, California w/Butterfield Blues Band
July 23                   Whisky-A-Go-Go – Los Angeles, California w/ Frank Zappa
August 3               Newport Pop Festival, Orange County Fairgrounds – Costa Mesa, CA
August 9               Levity Ball at Fairground Exposition Hall – Phoenix, AZ (Band a No Show)
August 18            Brucemas at the Cheetah – Venice, CA
Sept ?                   Denver, Colorado w/ Steppenwolf
October 11          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ MC5
October 28          Crawford Hall – Irvine, California w/Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart
Nov 1-3                 The Bank – Torrance, California
Nov 8                    California State, Fullerton, California [Didn’t happen/fake poster created]
Dec 6-7                  Shrine Exposition Hall – LA, w/ GTO’s, Wildman Fischer, Frank Zappa