chrissie hynde book
Photo of Glen found in, Akron-native, Chrissie Hynde’s book: “Reckless: My Life as a Pretender”

1972 – School’s Out – Nearing the Pinnacle

[Click to enlarge photos]

Jan 1, 1972 – Ottawa, Canada Civic Center.  Attendance was 12,300.  Location: 1015 Bank Street. The Ottawa Civic Center is part of Landsdowne Park. Today the Civic Center is now called TD Place Arena. (w/Dixie Rump Roast)

Now called the TD Centre


Jan ?, 1972 -Alexandria, VA, Alexandria Roller Rink (w/ Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, that, at the time, included ‘Steve Hunter’). Building was built in 1948. This venue saw bands like Janis Joplin, Doors, Jeff Beck. Closed in the 80’s and demolished. SEE: March 12, 1972. 72 alex roller rink jan

Detroit Wheels (Hunter third from left)
Detroit Wheels. Steve Hunter – far left

Jan 8, 1972– Atlanta, Georgia, Municipal Auditorium (w/ Dr John [who cancelled], Hydra, and White Witch)

71DrJohn Young
Dr. John-The Night Tripper
72jan8 atl
Photo of the band in Atlanta in 1972
Hydra – a southern rock band

72january72 jan tScreenshot_1

Jan 11, 1972 – The Orpheum Theater, Boston (w/ White Witch) Located at: 1 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108. “It began as the Music Hall in 1852 and served as the original home of the New England Conservatory, this grand old lady appears a bit dated, but despite its tattered appearance all seats are normally filled for shows.”


72orpheum inside jan
72 orpheum

Jan 12, 1972 – Palace Theater Waterbury, CT
Picture from the 70’s.

Opening were the Elves – a Ronnie James Dio band

72 waterbury palace 7572 jan dio elves

72 jan 2.


Jan 13, 1972 – Centre Sportif, Universite de Montréal (`Rock-A-Bye` TV footage shot) This is a multi-purpose complex sport centre located on the campus of the Université de Montréal in Montreal, Canada. Film footage was used in the DVD that was included in the Super Duper Alice Cooper DVD package.

72 jan mont
Sporte Centre


72 montreal jan 13
Montreal 1972

Jan 14, 1972 – Loew’s State Theater -Providence, RI

Providence, RI. – Jan 1972


Jan 15, 1972 – Philadelphia Spectrum (w/ the Chambers Brothers, Commander Cody)

72 jan Chambers_Brothers_1970
1970 photo of the Chambers Brothers
72 jan 15



72can72jan 15

72 jan philly camden, nj paper
Announcement of the Philly show at the Spectrum. From Camden, NJ paper

Jan 21, 1972 – Evansville, IN  – Roberts Municipal Stadium – Alice Cooper canceled due to illness

72jan 2172 jan roberts4665_1381921987

Jan 28, 72 – Roanoke, VA – ?VENUE? Band was staying at the Holiday Inn according to a Rolling Stone article. Rolling Stone says it occurred before New Jersey show.

Screenshot_5 (3)

Jan 29, 1972 – Passaic, NJ – Capitol Theater (w/NRBQ) – Throughout the 1970s and into the mid-1980s, the 3,200 seat theater was a popular stop on nearly every major rock artist’s tour. The venue was known for its in house video system which resulted in a number of, good quality, black and white video bootlegs. After it closed, the building fell into disrepair and it was demolished in April 1991. A shopping center known as Capitol Plaza occupies the site now.  #

   BZScreenshot_4            72 jan29        72capitol theater jan

72 jan

Jan 30, 1972 – Baltimore, MD Civic Center (w/ Momma,  Redbone) Built in the 1960s, now called the Baltimore Arena.

72 balt civic center.jpg222
Baltimore Arena in the 80s
Photo by Eliott Holceker

  Feb 3,  1972 – Berkeley Community Theatre (w/ Howling Wolf) The theater was dedicated on June 5, 1950 after sitting only partially completed for almost nine years, due to delays caused by World War II. Students attending Berkeley High during the war years often called it the “Bird Cage” since the exposed metal framework was a roost for many seagulls waiting for students to finish their lunches. Owned by Berkley School District today.

72 feb berkleycommunitytheater
Berkley Comm Theater

1972-02-03 [Show Flyer]

a-killer1Feb, 1972 – Killer released in UK

killer outtake
Out-take of the photo shoot for the Killer album

Early 1972 – Edgewater Park near Cleveland Ohio. Located at: 6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, Cleveland, OH 44102. On the shores of Lake Erie – it is only a short distance from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is an indoor structure in this park which may have been the site of this concert.???


RnR HOF just to the right in above photo


Feb 4, 1972 – Hollywood Palladium. LA. (w. Howlin’ Wolf). On day of show, the band get their gold “Killer” award at Warner Bros offices.


72 feb howlin
Howlin’ Wolf
70palladium (2)
Hollywood Palladium

72feb hollywood

Glen at the Palladium

Feb 12, 1972 – PNE Garden Auditorium. 100 N. Renfrew St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Today known for the circuses held there.  72febPNE72febpne (2)

Feb 14, 1972 – Philadelphia, PA Spectrum Stadium (the band’s biggest crowd to date, 18,000)

Current photo

Feb 16, 1972 – Tucson Community Center – Tucson, AZ. (w/Red Bone) Band was banned from center after the show. Reason – ‘potential for causing trouble’. They did return to Tucson in 1973, but at a different venue. A bootleg of the Feb 16 show exists.

72lew elliot comm center tucson72
Photo by Lew Elliot. Tucson Feb 16, 82

This was the description for the above photo seen in the Tucson paper the next day: “Cool Ghoul- Alice Cooper was swinging in more ways than one at the Tucson Community Center on February 16, 1972. His band became so outraged when he beheaded a doll and kicked it into the audience that Alice was “executed at the gallows.”

Part of the crowd that night in Tucson. Photo by Lew Elliot.

72 feb17. tucson1972-02-16 Tucson Daily Citizen [Show Advert]

Feb 19, 1972 – Denver, CO Coliseum (w/ Cheech and Chong) Address: 4600 Humboldt Street Denver, CO. Opened in 1951 and in use today.

72 cheech
Cheech And Chong Album
Denver Colosseum


Cheech and Chong

Feb 20, 1972 – San Diego, California, Convention Hall(w/ Badfinger, Pure Prairie League) Badfinger site lists this as 27th. At this time the Convention Center was often referred to as the Community Concourse. The venue the band played in, in 1972, has totally been re-made. The SD Convention Hall today is best known for the yearly Comic-Con Convention each summer

72feb san-diego-convention-
SD Convention Center = Comic Con

72 feb SDconcertposter

Feb 26. 1972 – Winnipeg, Canada. The Winnipeg Arena – This was an indoor arena located in the Polo Park district of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The arena was the city’s premier ice hockey venue from 1955 to 2004 and is best remembered as the home of the first Winnipeg Jets franchise. The arena closed after the completion of the MTS Centre in November 2004 and was later demolished. A retail and commercial complex occupies the site today.


End of Feb, 72 – The band receive gold discs for sales of Killer
from: Rolling Stone March 2, 1972
“Hollywood Notes: Alice Cooper wound up a triumphant national tour with a gold record presentation at Warner Bros. in Burbank. The whole group, including pet boa Cochina, gathered in the office of Executive VP Joe Smith for the official photo session, only to learn that the gold plaques for Killer hadn’t arrived from the plant. So if you ever run across a picture of the presentation, look real hard and you’ll see what they grabbed as the last minute, from a pile of gold plates in an adjoining room: Jimi Hendrix’s Rainbow Bridge . . “


 Mar 3,  1972 – Harrington Auditorium at the Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA. (w/Blue Oyster Cult)

72 march mass 72killer tour95z

72 boc -77
Blue Oyster Cult (With Joe and Albert Bouchard). They had just released their first, self-titled album.

According to ‘Classic Rock Revisited’ and the Blue Oyster Cult gig archive, the Worcester show was the first of a string of shows where BOC opened for the AC band.

(Eric Bloom): “We were signed to a booking agency called ABC. Alice Cooper was their biggest act. Alice Cooper was on a tour and Redbone was opening… there was some sort of problem between their management or between Alice Cooper the band and their band or something… it’s still a foggy story. Anyway, our first album wasn’t even out yet. Our agent came to us and said, “If you do one show with Alice Cooper and they like you, I’ll get you the remainder of the tour.”

It was at Worchester, Massachusetts and we went over. Alice Cooper was happy. We were happy, and we got 15 shows with Alice!”

Mar 4-5 1972 – Portland, MA, University of Maine Gymnasium. Memorial Gym, nicknamed “The Pit”, is a 1,340-seat multi-purpose arena in Orono, Maine. It is home to the University of Maine men’s and women’s basketball teams. Venue built in the 1930s.


72portland, maine
Dennis and Neal performing in Portland, Maine

Mar 11, 1972 – New York City, NY Academy of Music (w/ Paul Pena) Located at: 126 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003. Later called The Palladium

72march palladium nyc

Not to be confused with Palladium Ballroom

The Palladium was a concert hall (and later a nightclub) in New York City.  Originally called the Academy of Music, it was built in 1927 across the street from the site of an earlier venue of the same name. Opened as a deluxe movie palace by movie mogul William Fox, the Academy operated as a cinema through the early 1960s.

Beginning in the 1960s, it was also utilized as a rock  venue, particularly following the 1971 closure of the Filmore East. It was rechristened the Palladium in 1985. The Palladium closed in 1997 and was demolished in 2001.

72killer, bob alford
Killer Tour 1972. Bob Alford photo.

March 12, 1972 – Alexandria, VA, Alexandria Roller Rink – two shows.

72 alex roller rink janSecond appearance for the band??? They also played here in January of this year?

March 13, 1972 – Staten Island – NY, Ritz Theater – Eye witness who booked the show says this was just after the release of Killer, “Johnny Podell gave us this gig as a thanks for the bookings in the past…..”Alice” was getting quite big here at this point and was selling out much bigger venues than ours.”

72 march ritz

March 18, 1972UK – Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, England. CANCELLED


***March 30, 1972 – Phoenix, AZ [Date on Itinerary]***

Doubtful this occurred, even though it was listed on billboard. I am sure the Buxton family would have been there!


March 30, 1972 – Rolling Stone runs the “Golddiggers of 1984” story. (Article mentions they’re in the Connecticut mansion.)

Above article can be found here: Golddiggers

Galesi Estate in Conn
Galesi Estate in Conn
Band at the Galesi Estate in CT. Cindy Laing (Alice’s girlfriend) – front right)




15941338_754223658060660_4998798022412655426_n(Photo above) – MB standing next to a statue at the Galesi Estate in CT. Notice that the statue is missing fingers. The story goes is that Glen shot the fingers off the statue with a pistol from his bedroom window. Something that pissed off Cindy and others. Glen could be an ass at times. The band had to pay for the damage.

April 1, 1972 – Richmond, Virginia, Richmond Coliseum [Date on Itinerary]

April 2, 1972 – West Indian Isles Mar Y Sol Festival, Puerto Rico – Eye Witness believes Alice played April 2nd. (w/ ELP, BB King, Allman Bros., Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Osibisa, Dr John, Fleetwood Mac, Roberta Flack, The J. Geils Band, Bloodrock, Dave Bedford, Savoy Brown, Poco)

72 april puertoglen10


72 april puerto rico
Puerto Rico L-R: Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Reggie Vincent, Alice Cooper

April 14, 1972 – Universityof Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Redbone)

72 april nc

April 15, 1972 – Raleigh University, North Carolina (w/ Blue Oyster Cult and Byrds) – listed on BOC tour list

72 april nc u

*April 16, 1972????? Charleston, SC.  Charleston County Hall.  Listed at this venue on a BOC fan list. This may be confused with the May 10th show in Columbia, SC. BOC was here…but was ACG? Big Question mark if band was here.

April, 1972 – Most of School`s Out recorded. Billboard also reports the band is being sued by Herb Cohen and Straight records.

68herb cohen
Herb Cohen

April 21, 1972 – Buffalo, NY, Memorial Auditorium (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Spirit).

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (also known as The Aud) was an indoor arena in downtown Buffalo, NY. Largely a hockey arena, it also held a number an NCAA basketball games, as well as numerous entertainment events, such as concerts, the Ringling Brothers  circus and Disney on Ice. ‘The Aud’ opened on October 14, 1940 and was renovated in 1970 and 1990. It was closed in 1996 and remained vacant until its demolition in late 2008 and early 2009.

1970 photo of “Aud”. [Front building]

72 april21

April 1972 – Academy Of Music, New York (Listing in Billboard) –  This date may be confused with the show listed for the same venue on March 11th. ????

April 22, 1972 – New York,  Long Island Arena (also commonly known as the Commack Arena) Fleetwood Mac also appeared.   This was a 4,000-seat indoor arena in Commack, NY – from 1959 until 1996

Fleetwood Mac 1972
72april commack
Commack Arena or Long Island Arena

April 23, 1972 – Rochester Community War Memorial (a question remains if this WAS the actual venue) in Rochester, New York (w/ Blue Oyster Cult).

The Blue Cross Arena (originally Rochester Community War Memorial and commonly the War Memorial) is a multi-purpose indoor arena, located in Rochester, NY. The arena opened on October 18, 1955, as the Rochester Community War Memorial, it was renovated in the mid-1990s and reopened as The Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial, on September 18, 1998.   72 april rochester

April 26, 1972 – School`s Out/Gutter Cat released(US)


April 28th ’72 – New Haven, CT, New Haven Arena (w/ Blue Oyster Cult)


72 april new havenacday


     April 29, 1972  – Plattsburgh State College (Hartman Theater) Plattsburgh, NY

72-04-29-Advert2musichallboston 72-04-29-Advertpscuschools out song book

72-4-30 poughkeepsie journal ny

72 4-29 plattsburgh
Kevin Rowe photo of show at Plattsburgh State College
Notice Glen’s black eye

72 april29 ny

72 eye
Maybe Glen getting a little work done on that eye? LOL


Glen and Alice….1972


April 30, 1972 – Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall (w/ Blue Oyster Cult )

scan0004 (3)
Glen and two young admirers.


72 april 30music hall boston
Tour list

May 3, 1972 – Raleigh, NC, University Of North Carolina (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, ). This is a questionable performance.

May 5, 1972 – San Antonio, TX –  Convention Center Arena – (w/ Canned Heat, Bang ) HemisFair Arena was an indoor arena in San Antonio.  It was also known as the Convention Center Arena. It opened in 1968 and was demolished in 1995. It was part of an area called Hemisphere Park.

72 may72sanantonioglen7 - Copy

May 6, 1972 – Dallas Texas, Memorial Auditorium  (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Bang)   Possibly Canned Heat replaced BOC.

Bang – from Houston. Active in the early 70’s. Influenced by Black Sabbath.
Michael Bruce 1972 (Hunter- DesPortes photo) 72hstn

72 may dallas

May 7, 1972 – Houston, TX – Sam Houston Coliseum/ Hofheinz Pavilion (w/ Blue Oyster Cult and Bang). Hofheinz Pavilion is an 8,479-seat multi-purpose arena on the University of Houston campus in Houston, Texas. Opened in 1969.

Members of Blue Oyster Cult: Eric Bloom – lead vocals, guitar.  Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – lead guitar, vocals. Allen Lanier – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals. Joe Bouchard – bass, backing vocals. Albert Bouchard –  drums, percussion, backing vocals.

BOC 1972
Glen and Charlie Carnal in fron of Gb’s parents’ home

                                       72 may texas

 ???May 9, 1972 – Swannanoa, North Carolina, Warren Wilson College. APPEARS NOT TO HAVE HAPPENED,  per Asheville, NC Library and Warren Wilson College Archives.

     May 10th 1972 – (w/White Witch and maybe BOC) Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina. 1703 TAYLOR ST. IF this show occurred, the date is in question. It is possible that it took place in April. The only evidence seems to be several photographs by Hunter Desportes, that supposedly are from that show on the May 10th date.

72 may 10 hunter-desporte
ACG photos by Hunter Desportes

72 may 10 richland hunter-desportes

72white witch sc 72
Opening act – White Witch. Photo by Hunter Desportes.
72township aud columbia
Township Auditorium. Columbus, SC

May 12, 1972 – Knoxville, TN. Civic Coliseum. (w/ Free and Todd Rundgren)

72 may knoxville72 mayknoxvillecivic

May 13, 1972 – Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC.


May 14, 1972 – Greenville, SC, – Greenville Memorial Auditorium – (w/ Todd Rundgren and Hello People).The Greenville Memorial Auditorium was a 7,500-seat multi-purpose arena. It hosted local sporting events and concerts until the 1990’s. Imploded in 1997. Like the Greensboro Coliseum above, it was known mainly for hosting professional wrestling.

1972 may rundgren
Todd Rundgren -1972
72 maygreensboro
Greenville Auditorium

72 may greensboro2

72 may 8
Article from Greenville paper announcing upcoming Alice Cooper concert. CLICK to ENLARGE


 May 19, 1972 – Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN (w/ Blue Oyster Cult, Chambers Brothers). The Mid-South Coliseum, also known as “The Entertainment Capital of the Mid-South”, was a multi-purpose arena, that seated 10,085 people, in Memphis, TN. It was built in 1963 and closed in 2006. Yet another pro wrestling venue. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler wrestled the late comedian Andy Kaufman several times here.

72 mayMid-South_Coliseum72 may midsouth

72 may 19

May 20,  1972 – Fayetteville, North Carolina , at the Memorial Auditorium (w/Blue oyster Cult and the Chambers Brothers). Auditorium is now called Progress Energy Hall

72 jan Chambers_Brothers_1970
Chambers Brothers


72 may fayetteville72 may

May 21, 1972 – Birmingham, AL – Municipal Auditorium – (w/ Blue Oyster Cult) Also called Boutwell Auditorium is a city-owned 5,000-seat multi-purpose arena located at 1930 8th Ave North, facing Linn Park. The total capacity (today) of the hall, utilizing floor seating, is 6,000.       72may2172boutwell aud


May 22, 1972 – Mobile, Alabama at the Memorial Auditorium. w/ BOC and Chambers Brothers). Opened in 1964 and still going strong.

72may mobile

May 23, 1972 – Tifton, GA  -The New Woods – or Abraham Baldwin College (w/ Blue Oyster Cult)

72may23 tifton

72may23 tifton2

May 24, 1972–  Jacksonville, FL, Coliseum

72 MAY


May 24, 1972 – Sylva-Webster High School. Sponsored by Western Carolina University. It appears that some people (4000) were expecting Alice Cooper to perform on this date with Black Oak Arkansas. Hard to know if the band was really booked here or if it was someone’s imagination. 72 may 24 ashville citizen-time

????May 25, 1972 – Pensacola, FL??????

May 26, 1972 – Tampa. Florida – Curtis Hixon Hall- (w/ Dr John, The Night Tripper, Todd Rundgren). Curtis Hixon Hall, located at 600 Ashley Drive, was an indoor sports arena, concert venue, and special events center which was located along the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa, FL. It was built in 1964, opened in 1965, and torn down in 1993.

72may curtisnix65
Curtis-Nixon Hall 1965

72 may 26

May 27, 1972 – Jai Alai or Sportatorium, Miami (w/ Dr. John, Todd Rundgren and Eric Quincy Tate Band) (Poster exists advertising “This Will Be The Final Performance, Ever, of Killer.”, it wasn’t) – There were TWO AC performances at the venue on the same day.

72 may
Was NOT the final performance on the Killer Tour

72may miami, jai alai

????May 28, 1972 – Orlando, FL. Orlando Sports Arena (Date listed in Billboard)

Juneband is starting to insert more ‘School’s Out songs into act. (The Alice Cooper Show)



June 16, 1972 – Zembo Mosque, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania [with Brownsville Station, Mutt Lee]. The Zembo Shrine Building, also known as the Zembo Mosque, in Harrisburg, PA is significant architecturally as a Moorish Revival architecture. It was built in 1930.

72june zembo

June 20, 1972 Centennial Hall, Toledo, Ohio72june toledoPossibly the first show to feature the cannon, which failed to shoot its dummy across the stage


72 june 19 lansing state journalFrom Lansing State Journal (June 19, 72)


June 21, 1972 – Holland Civic Center, Holland, Michigan
[with Mike Quatro Jam Band]. The Holland Civic Center is a 2,700-seat multi-purpose arena located in Holland, Michigan. It hosts local sporting events and concerts.

72 june21

72 june holland

June 23, 1972 – Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [CANCELLED] See rain check below
Show was cancelled due to flooding re-scheduled for July11, 1972 ??????????????????????????72june2372 june 3 rivers

June 25, 1972Nazareth Speedway, Pennsylvania [Muscular Dystrophy Benefit Concert with The Beach Boys, Steppenwolf, Bread, Blood Rock, Lighthouse, Chilliwack]. Nazareth Speedway was an auto racing facility in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, which operated from 1910 to 2004.


Thank you Ron Haholy

72 june 25

72 june1280px-NazerethSpeedway

June 26, 1972 – Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
[with Humble Pie] Civic Arena, now called the Mellon Arena, (nicknamed The Igloo) is an arena located in Pittsburgh, PA. The Civic Arena primarily serves as the home to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the city’s National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, from 1967 to 201o, when its name was changed.

Photo from 2007

June 27, 1972 -The band arrive in London

44 plane
Glen and Alice on a plane flight. Air sickness or bottle sickness on Alice’s face?
72 june27
June 27, 1972. Neal, Alice, Glen

June 28, 1972 – The band record School`s Out for Top Of The Pops. It would be broadcasted on July 13.

72 june 25 ron howard
Top of the Pops – UK Photo by Ron Howard

School’s Out TOTP

June 29, 1972 – Truck Stalls in Piccadilly and there is a  bandparty in Chessington Zoo. Joe Greenberg idea for picture on truck.

72 june london
Joe Greenberg, co-manager



72 june 28 london harry goodwin
June 1972. Goodwin photo
72london h. goodwin
London. Photo by H. Goodwin. [closer]
72 june 29 stacia
June 29, 1972. London. Stacia from the band Hawkwind.

June 30, 1972 – The UK Wembley, London Empire Pool (Last Killer Show w/ Roxy Music opening)

72 europe maybe
Possible shot from the Wembley show
72 eng epirePool
Empire Pools, Wembley


72june england book
Tour book

72june england

72 england72june wembley

72wembin4936006_10152021926559276_1671967071_n72 eng72 londonStopping traffic in London

72 london
Glen – London. June 1972
1972 wembley june 30
June 30, 1972. Wembley


72 june japanese mag
Glen, London, in late June. Picture was used in a Japanese magazine


Early July – SCHOOL’S OUT album releaseda-so1

72sopant1972-07-01 Billboard SO Album Advert


1972 July

July 11, 1972 – Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [w/Humble Pie/Uriah Heep]. Three Rivers Stadium was opened in 1970, closed in 2000 and demolished in 2001, by implosion. Former home of MLB Pittsburgh Pirates and NFL Pittsburgh Steelers.

This show was rescheduled from June 23….due to rain and flooding.

Ad from radio station in Pittsburgh
72threerivers stdium in the 70s
Three Rivers Stadium






Uriah Heep
Humble Pie – 1974


72pittsburgh july


Above: Blue Turk demo

July 12, 1972Cessna  Stadium, Wichita, Kansas
[with Dr, Hook, Flo & Eddie]. Part of Wichita State University. Built in 1969 – renovated in 1996.

72july13 fairgrounds

72 witchita july13

72cessna stadium wichita univ
  July 13, 1972Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [w/ Dr. Hook]

72july13 oklahoma
Oklahoma City July 13. Courtesy of John Podger
72drhookbandpose july
Dr. Hook

72okla state fairgounds okla city

72 schools out tour
Hanging. Dennis, Alice, Glen, Neal in front

July 14, 1972Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas. A multi-purpose stadium, built in 1954. Still used – most often for rodeos, business conferences, and musical events.

72 july 14 texas carl dunn
GB. Odessa, Texas. Photo by Carl Dunn

72ector county colliseum odessa texas
July 15, 1972County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas
[w/ Jo Jo Gunn, Captain Beyond]

72countycollesium elpaso, tx
County Coliseum

72elpaso july

Los Angeles band

July 16, 1972Manzanita Speedway, Phoenix, Arizona
[w/ Canned Heat, Captain Beyond]

Originally a dog racing track, the Manzanita Speedway was a dirt track racing facility located in the suburban southwestern part of Phoenix, AZ, beginning in 1951. The facility had a 1/3 mile and 1/2 mile tracks. The final race was held their in 2009.

72manzinita phnx 51-2009 72manzinta

Janice Buxton-Davison recalls this show:

The family’s of the band members sat in the enclosed press-box. Glen’s mom and dad and Janice were protected from the big dust storm that swept though the area (a haboob). Janice thinks the storm hit before the band came on, so there was a delay. After the show (and drinking up the free booze) Janice and her parents went to an after-party at the Del Webb townhouse on Central Ave, where the band was staying. Glen was engaged to Denise at the time, so Glen decided to carve Denise and his initials into a coffee table in the townhouse.


Glen and Denise at Buxton house in 1972
Glen and his mom – GB probably getting ready to go back on the road. 1972
An Arizona ‘haboob’

72 july phnx 2 72 july phnx Arizona Republic articles on concert at Manzanita Speedway. Click to enlarge.


July 17, 1972Fairground Speedway, Salt Lake City, Utah

72statefair utah
  July 18, 1972Firebird Raceway, Emmet, Idaho

72firebirdraceway idaho72 july 20 idaho free press



July 19, 1972 – Grant Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona???


Where ever the band was on July 19, 1972 – it was not at Grant Stadium in Phoenix. First off, there is, and seems never was, a Grant Stadium in or near Phoenix. Secondly, the Buxton family recalls no concert like this during July. The Manzinita Raceway show yes….but no others.

July 21, 1972 – Las Vegas, NV Stadium. Show likely never took place. Permit problems?

A current view of what was, in 72 called Las Vegas Stadium. Now Sam Boyd Stadium.

72 july 19 arizona repAn article in the Arizona Republic (above) suggested the band was going to perform there. It seems permits were never obtained and the band eventually cancelled the show. Or visa versa?

The stadium was completed in 1971 at a cost of $3.5 million. It was originally known as Las Vegas Stadium. The name was changed to the Las Vegas Silver Bowl in 1978 and then Sam Boyd Silver Bowl in 1984 and finally in April 1994 to Sam Boyd Stadium. At the time of this show – it would have sat 15,000 people. Home of UNLV football.


  July 22, 1972Sports Arena, San Diego, California
[w/ Jo Jo Gunne, Captain Beyond]

The Valley View Casino Center previously San Diego Sports Arena is an indoor arena, located on Sports Arena Blvd, in Point Loma, San Diego, California, off of Interstate 8.
72Jo Jo Gunne july22
Jo Jo Gunn band from LA

72sandiego sports arenaa4
July 23, 1972Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California
[w/ Jo Jo Gunne, Captain Beyond] Band stayed at Hyatt Hotel (Riot House) after the show.

72hollybowlvinyl - Copy
Vinyl recording
1970hollywood bowl
Hollywood Bowl – 1970. Note wading pools in front
1971hollywoodbolw - Copy
Night view from 1971


Glen and Alice at Hollywood Bowl After-Party
72hollywood bowl
Glen – Hollywood Bowl sound check
72 diltz
Hollywood Bowl Photo by Henry Diltz
72 hollywood bowl henry diltz
Photo by Henry Diltz
72 hb2
From B$B song book. Taken at Hollywood Bowl

1972-07-23 [Show Advert]

July 27, 1972Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota
[w/ Captain Beyond]

The Minneapolis Armory is located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The armory was built for the Minnesota National rd in 1935-36 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The National Guard ceased using it in 1980. It now is used for sporting, political, and musical events.

School’s Out promo

July 28, 1972 – Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois
Alice performs twice in one day.  [w/ Wishbone Ash]

The International Amphitheater was an indoor arena, located in Chicago, between 1934 and 1999. It was located on the west side of Halsted Street, at 42nd Street, on the city’s south side, adjacent to the Union Stock Yards.

Photo by David Cluett


72 june 24
Click to enlarge
chi tribune july 31 1972 alice
Chicago show review

July 30-31, 1972 –  Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan
[w/ Ursa Major on the 30th and Black Oak Arkansas on the 31st]

Cobo Hall and Cobo Arena, is a convention center situated along Jefferson and Washington avenues in downtown . Built in 1960, it was named for Albert E. Cobo, mayor of Detroit from 1950 to 1957.

72july30 detroitcobo
On stage at Cobo – Alice and Glen
72july30 detroitcobo2
Glen and Alice – Cobo 1972
72july30detroit cobo3
Cobo Hall Detroit 1972. Thanks Ron Domilici
Cobo Hall ’72. Photos by Charlie Auringer

72 july 31a

72cobo detroit rock city72julyursamajor72 july31

Summer `72 Detroit Rouge Park (Free Concert) Late July or Early August.

During the very late 60’s and early 70’s, the City of Detroit would put on free concerts in various locations. One of these locations was Rouge Park in western Detroit. Most of the bands were local, and fairly unknown, outside Detroit. Every so often, a “name act” would show up and do a few songs….sometimes un-announced before hand. The area in the photos below was one of the most often used spots for these free events. Just north of Joy Road off Lasher Road – which was just a dirt road. During the winter, the city would flood this area for ice skating. This POSSIBLE venue is interesting to me, because it was no more than a mile from my parent’s house where I grew up. I went to several concerts here…but I don’t recall Alice Cooper being at any of them. Since I did not go to all of them….it is a possibility that the band performed at a show.

There was no seating, you just sat on the grass in front of a ‘not so large’ stage. (Thus the phrase, “it’s a grasser”, which was a common saying in the Detroit area for any gathering  that was not indoors.) Early on, these Rouge Park shows were fun…but they soon became a gathering spot for local biker “groups” and things started to get a little hairy at some shows.

Aerial view of area where free concerts were held. (Brown area to left of the road.)
View looking at area of concerts. Cement foundation was where a small snack bar was located – hot chocolate when ice was there.


1972 August

August ??, 1972 – Scope, Norfolk, Virginia

72scope opened71
Scope Arena in Norfolk.

 August 4, 1972Dillion Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut. [w/ J. Geils Band and Dr. John] Dillon Stadium was built in 1935 and is still being used.

72 aug4Screenshot_372august4 harford72aug4 conn
  August 5, 1972Rubber Bowl, Akron, Ohio
[w/ J. Geils Band, Dr. John]

72 rub bowl

72 rubber bowl Elyria Chronicle Telegram1882176Rubber Bowl circa 1972 – Akron, Ohio

72, aug 6 beacon journal
Article from Akron Beacon Journal.


  August 6, 1972Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Gardens is an indoor sports and entertainment arena located in Cincinnati, Ohio, that opened in 1949.

72august cincy gardens

glen772cincyGB, Neal, Alice sign autographs in Cincy

Click on the link below to watch about 5 minutes of 8mm footage, supposedly shot at the Cincinnati Gardens during this show.

72-08-03 Cincinatti Journal

August 7, 1972Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky
[w/ Wishbone Ash, Ursa Major] Built in 1905, this venue is still going today hosting basketball and pro wrestling. It has gone by the names Jefferson Armory and Louisville Convention Center and more recently, Louisville Gardens

72aug wishboneash
Wishbone Ash
Louisville Convention Center – now Louisville Gardens.


?August 9, 1972 – Possible show in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Coliseum at State Fair Grounds

72august 9 hammond daily star july 10th
From the Hammond (LA) Daily Star

August 10, 1972 – Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey
with J. Geils Band

Roosevelt Stadium was a baseball park at Droyer’s Point in Jersey City, New Jersey.. It opened in April 1937 and hosted high-minor league baseball baseball. It was demolished in 1985.

72roosevlet nj
A Grateful Dead concert inside Roosevelt Stadium -1973
Roosevelt Stadium in its youth -1938
Stadium a year before its demolition in 1985
72Roosevelt GD 70672gardenstate2
Advertisement in 1972

72aug roosevelt njgb8

August 12, 1972 –  Fort Wayne, Indiana /Memorial Coliseum [w/Ursa Major] (eyewitness).


72aug allen county mem
FW Memorial Coliseum…now called the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Built in 1952

August 13, 1972 – Nashville, Tennessee Fairground Speedway/State Fairgrounds, [Special Guest Star Goose Creek Symphony / extra added attraction Ursa Major]

72fairgrounds aug1372aug13nashville00118e10_medium72-74FairgroundsSpeedway172 aug 13, tn

August 14, 1972 – Hampton, VA,

The Hampton Coliseum is a multi-use cultural, entertainment and sports arena in Hampton, Virginia. Construction on the arena began on May 24, 1968, and the venue opened in 1970 as the first large multi-purpose arena in the Hampton Roads region and the state of Virginia, opening a year prior to the Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virginia.

Night view in 2009
72hampton roads august
Hampton Coliseum

August 15, 1972 – Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia
[w/ Ursa Major, Looking Glass] The Charleston Civic Center is a municipal complex located in the downtown area of Charleston, WV. Originally completed in 1959. Now is a part of a Holiday Inn center.

72looking glass aug
Looking Glass…had the hit song ”Brandy”
72wagner ursamajor
Dick Wagner 1970. He would move to NYC in 1972 and help form the short-lived band ‘Ursa Major’
72charleston aug
Charleston Civic Center

72 aug 19 charleston72 ch gazzetteReview of Charleston show

August 17-18, 1972  – North Carolina Speedway, Rockingham, North Carolina Peach Tree Celebration. The Faces cancelled, Alice Cooper was their replacement. [W/ Three Dog Night and more]  The Rockingham Speedway was opened in 1965 and became one of the most famous NASCAR raceways in America. Today it receives very little use.

72 aug18
Alice Cooper replaced the Faces

72aug northcarolina72Rockinghamspeedway aug

ac2 (2)a-so1August 23…..School’s Out reaches #1


1972 September

Sept 2, 1972Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario

72 sept210614125_832708330092737_7797296244081521608_n

72 SO tour

Toronto. September 2, 1972. Photo by Boris Spremo

September 4, 1972 – Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec
SOLD OUT. 18,000 in attendance. [w/ Wang Dang Doodle Orchestra, and Dr. John.]

72Montreal_Forum_197072wangdang72 sept4

The Montreal Forum (French: Le Forum de Montréal) was an indoor arena located facing Cabot Square in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Called “the most storied building in hockey history” by Sporting News, it was the home of the National Hockey League’s Montreal Canadiens from 1926 to 1996. The Forum was built by the Canadian Arena Company in 159 days. Located at the northeast corner of Atwater and Ste-Catherines West. Opened in 1924, it closed in 1996 and was demolished in 1998.

September 6, 1972  –  Quebec Forum????? No info found

1972 October

October 28, 1972 – Municipal Auditorium, Bangor, Maine

72octbangor aud
Municipal Auditorium. Built in 1955


October 29, 1972 – Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusetts
[w/ Wet Willie and Edgar Winter Group]


72 bob gruen
Bob Gruen photo (’72)

Holidays: Alice and Cindy Laing go to Venezuela, Dennis and Cindy Smith go to the Caribbean, Michael Bruce goes to Phoenix, Neal tries to break the bank in Las Vegas and Glen goes home to Akron

1972 November

72 oct 20,72
Not sure what theaters were missed. This was from a New Jersey paper dated October 20, 1972


Nov 2, 1972 – Hofstra University, Long Island, New York

Photo by Harry Goodwin
Photo by David Gahr
72novhofstrau david gahr
(Thanks Steven Crayn)


News Report:
ABC kicked off its first In Concert, pre-empting the Dick Cavett Show, on November 24, 1972, featuring performances taped a few weeks earlier at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. On the bill was the Senior General of Rock, Bo Diddley, acoustic duo Seals and Croft, R&B man Curtis Mayfield and for the opening act, shock rocker Alice Cooper.
Rock fans in Cincinnati, however, didn’t get to see beyond the first few minutes of Alice’s violent theatrics. Lawrence H. Rogers II was so mortified by what he saw that he ordered the ABC affiliate he owned, WKRC-TV Channel 12, to yank the show off the air immediately. Channel 12’s decision to protect its viewers was responded to within minutes with a phoned-in bomb threat and several car loads of youths picketing the station. Some 4,000 letters of protest, many profane, poured in over the next few days, the biggest mail load that station officials could remember.
Station manager Ro Grignon told TV Guide that he wasn’t opposed to rock concerts. “In fact, we think they’re going to be a smashing success. We simply found Alice Cooper a little tense.”
Meanwhile, the ABC affiliate in Kingsport, Tennessee complained to the network about the performance but ran it nonetheless. WPVI-TV Channel 6 in Philadelphia ran the show on tape delay at 1:30 a.m. Channel 12 in Cincinnati later televised an edited version of the show, sans Alice, to give viewers a chance to enjoy the other, less offensive acts that were on the show. The next In Concert show was sent to affiliate managers via closed-circuit for approval before broadcast

72 hofstra lynn goldsmith
November, 1972 Hofstra University. Photo by Lynn Goldsmith
72 nov 2 hofstra
Hofstra University. November 2, 1972

Nov 4, 1972Band arrive in London

Early Nov 1972 – The band spent a week at Morgan Studios in London, where they re-recorded some older tracks and laid down demos of the songs they had written during the tour. So called `Superstar jam` takes place with Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan and others but the results of the drunken session are ”unlistenable”. `Billion Dollar Babies` photo shoot takes place at David Baileys` London studios.

72nov, morgan studio
L-R: Donovan, Glen (w/Donovan’s guitar), Alice, and Bob Ezrin at Morgan Studio in England.
72nov david bailey england terry o'neill photo
Money and bunnies and baby. Photo shoot with David Bailey in England. This photo by Terry O’Neill.





72david bailey photo
David Baily photo
Another photo of Glen with Donovan’s guitar.

300 kids at the airport break through police barriers and turn over the bands limo`s.

London 1972 Harry Goodwin photo
72 nov ezrin elliot hocecker
Neal, Glen, and Bob Ezrin. November ’72. Morgan Studios.
Morgan Studios (Thank you Scott Grant)

November 10, 1972 – Green’s Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland
With Flo & Eddie

72 glasgow
Band in Glasgow

Green’s Playhouse was an entertainment complex comprising a cinema, ballroom, tea rooms, and other facilities. The Playhouse was at 126 Renfield Street, Glasgow, Scotland, Opened in 1927, the Playhouse operated until the 1970s, closing in 1973. The building continued in use as The Apollo, after being sold, until final closure in 1985, with subsequent demolition in 1987.

72greens glasgow
Greens Playhouse
72 nov 10 glasgow
Glen wiping off cake that was thrown at him during his Birthday Party in Glasgow. Nov 10

72greens playhousenov1072nov scotland

Nov 12:  Band leaves London from Gatwick Airport to fly to France

Nov 13: France, Olympia Theatre. w/Flo and Eddie. Founded in 1888, by Joseph Oller, the creator of the Moulin Rouge, today easily recognizable by its giant red glowing letters announcing its name. It opened in 1889 as the “Montagnes Russes” but was renamed the Olympia in 1893.

72 paris nov herve
Paris ’72 DD and Glen. Thank You, Herve Thomas!
72 paris herve thomas
72 Paris. Photo courtesy of Hervè Thomas










72 11-13 paris herve
Herve Thomas photo. GB on stage in Paris


72paris72paris olympia 72view

72 paris nov13 bertrand rindoff petroff
After party. Photo by Bertrand-Rindoff-Retroff. The lady sitting on Alice’s lap is Régine Zylberberg – French singer and nightclub owner. (Courtesy of Steven Crayn)

Paris 1972 Documentary

france radio1 radio1 eliott holcekerAbove – Publicity shots from France


Nov 14-15?, 1972–  Germany – Circus Krone, Munchen [w/ Flo & Eddie] Circus Krone, based in Munich, is one of the largest circus in Europe and one of the few in Western Europe to also occupy a building. Built in 1919 and bombed heavily during WWII. 

72Circus_Krone munich
Fairly recent photo of Krone Circus Building
Ticket to see the scary clowns 🙂

72nov14 germany

72 nov14 germany phot by uhps-cam
W. Germany. Photo shot by uhps-cam.


72nov germany

Close up of band photo in the “naked” Alice poster above.


72nov, sweden
Europe – ’72 Copyright Anders Mossberg

November 16, 1972 – Holland– Band arrives in Holland (w/ Flo And Eddie)

Glen and Neal (Europe). Cropped from poster.

November 17, 1972 – De Doelen, Rottendam, Holland. De Doelen is a concert venue and convention centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was originally built in 1934 but then destroyed in 1940 during the German bombardment of Rotterdam in May 1940 at the outset of World War II. It was rebuilt in 1966, originally with one hall to which two more were added in the 1990s.

Possibly a photo from Rotterdam

Nov 18, 1972 –  Holland – Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. ‘Concergebouw’ tranlates to ‘concert building’. Built in 1886. Still in use today.

72Concertgebouwholland 2011
2011 photo
Large organ at Concergebouw
72concertgebow in holland


Nov 19, 1972 – Germany – Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg. Ernst-Merck-Halle was an indoor arena located in Hamburg, Germany, which could hold up to 5,600 people.


72 europe
Alice and Glen on stage in Europe

Nov 20, 1972Denmark – KB Hallen, Copenhagen. K.B. Hallen was a multi-purpose venue in Copenhagen. It was opened in 1938. A fire damaged the roof and the interior of the grand hall severely in 2011. It is still being discussed if it will be possible to restore it to its former glory.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Bolle Gregmar


72 nov 20 jorgen angel
Nov 20, 1972. By Jorgen Angel.
72-KBHallen denmark
KB Hallen, Copenhagen. Currently unused.
Dennis and Glen in Europe – 1972. Possibly Sweden show.

Copenhagen Sex Show – photos from Jorgen Angel


72copenhagen jorgen angel 72copenhagen72flo and eddie

Alice, GB, and Neal Smith
Michael Bruce over entertainer’s right shoulder.


Jorgen Angel describes the photo ”opportunity” at the Live Club in Copenhagen

“In November 1972 I arrived at the hotel where Alice Cooper was staying to take some photos. Alice invited me to join him and the band plus the support act, Flo & Eddie, on a night on the town. It turned out that they had booked a private show at one of the many live show clubs in the red light district of Copenhagen.
It was a small, sleazy joint. Half the room was taken up by the stage – a king size mattress. The sound system was an old, red portable gramophone that you would have found in a teenager’s room years earlier. At one point when the heat was on the “stage” the pickup got stuck in the groove.
The rock artists very much enjoyed the performances by the mattress artists. The latter involved the former in the show from time to time. Alice was trying to hide from my camera. First by hiding his head behind a curtain. Realizing he would miss the work of art, he then tried to hide behind a beer bottle.

Alice, Marc Volman, Glen. Jorgen Angel photo

109177977The GB profile (w/Marc Volman)


Nov 21, 1972Sweden – Olympen. Built in Lund, Sweden in 1971. It served as a concert venue until 2009, when it was remodeled into a gym.

Picture of stage at Olympen
Was told that this photo was taken on the European tour. (Not verified)

72nov21 sweeden

1 where
Olympen, Lund, Sweden, November 21, 1972 Photo from Anders Mossberg

lund sweden 72

72nov21 podger
Sweden. Photo provided by John Podger
72sweden wolfgang heilman
Sweden. Ashley Pandel on the left. Credit to Wolfgang Heidleman?
72, nov21. sweeden anders mossberg
November 21, 1972. Photo from Anders Mossberg. AC, Marc Volman, MB, with Glen in back.
72 lund sweden
Glen and Neal in Lund, Sweden 1972


Nov 23, 1972Germany – Deutschlandhalle, Berlin. Built in 1935 and dedicated by Adolph Hitler, it was built for the 1936 Olympic Games. Partially destroyed during World War II bombings, it was rebuilt and used for a variety of sporting events. The building was granted landmark status in 1995, but on December 3, 2011, the building was demolished.

72deutshclandhalle nov

72Deutschlandhalle berlin
Deutschlandhalle (recent view)
Interior – 1930’s. I wonder….who drew the biggest crowds? 🙂

  Nov 24, 1972Germany – Gruga Halle, Essen. Grugahalle is an indoor sports arena, located in Essen, Germany. Opened in 1958.

72gugenhall germany
1970’s photo
A very ”revealing” photo????



Nov 25, 1972Germany – Festhalle, Frankfurt. Opened in 1908. Renovated in 1980. Forty foot high dome.

72nov25 germany

1970 photo of interior
Recent exterior photo
The band on the ‘Beat Club’ show in Germany Nov 25, 1972
72 Nov 25 Beat club
The Beat Club in Germany

Nov 26, 1972Switzerland – Mehrzweckhalle, Zufingen

72zurich POP magazine airport
Glen, Neal, and Alice in Zurich

72nov26 germ72sweden—————————————————————–

72nov TEEn Magazine (marie brill)
A photo that appeared in Teen Magazine in November of 1972. (Thank you Marie Brill) This is NOT the Starship

While in Europe each band member had photographs taken posing with a stuffed animal. Glen’s partner was a bird.


Nov 24, 72 — ABC In Concert first aired.  

 In Concert 1972

72 nov canary islands cindy
The band went to the Canary Islands in late November for some relaxation. This photo was taken by Cindy Smith Dunaway.
72 canary isl
A photo by Cindy Smith Dunaway of GB hamming it up on the Canary Island vacation

December 1972

Early Dec, 72 Glen is in London and receives medical treatment in London doctor-clip-art-6

Dec 72 Back in Phoenix Glen checks into the Maryvale hospital seriously ill. His pancreas is ruined from alcohol. He`s warned never to drink again.

Dec 72 Shep confronts Alice about his alcohol intake. Alice goes to Jamaica for a couple of weeks to rest.

72 screen grab
1972 A scree grab from the ‘Supermench movie, showing Alice, GB, and Shep Gordon (L to R)
richard avedon photo
Photo by Richard Avedon


72 buxton gelesi
Summer 1972. Photo of front door of Gelesi Estate (Cooper Mansion) in Connecticut. Photo by Janice Buxton-Davison
72 gelesi
Band in front of front door of Gelesi Estate. ’72


72 electedfrom Elected video

72 june 29 michael putland
72 June 29. Photo by Michael Putland
1972 june29 chesington zoo
1972 june29 chesington zoo

 72 john levicke2Photo by John Levicke (1972)

72 unknown